I am brusing his ego?

Im an auto mechanic (almost all the commuter's request me) and also fixed everything around the house (like the night table). This really bugs my husband because he says that can't care of me and I'm taking his "manhood" away. I mean come on if he wants to fix something all he has do is beat me to it cause I ain't chancing. What's the big deal. Why he care so much. I wouldn't mind if he actually cooked dinner (for once),


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  • Men have an big ego,they like to be the soul provider the fixer upper ,the macho.he feels that if you do every like cook ,clean ,and fixed thinhgs around the house,he has no rolll in the house .I know you love being independent .that's great yet he questioning his purpose,whether you even need him or not.He's basically stating the same thing women have been crying out for,for centuries.some attention.the shoes sort of on the other foot.just let him know that you love him and explain the good qualities he have,the reasons you need him around the house ,the things he does that you like.better yet let him sometimes fix something.just to ease him.we know you can do it .just let him think you can'tGood Luck


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  • so why can't you fix things together instead of trying to make a who can outdo each other. what if he can't cook that would suck huh? so let him fix stuff don't ya fix stuff all day?


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