How can I be more attractive to guys?

I get NO attention at all! If a guy is into me he is either old or not my type and we have nothing in common. I know it's my looks and I wanna change that. I'm gonna be really honest and tell you about me so you all can help me & tell me what I need to work on:

-I don't think I'm pretty but some girls tell me I'm cute but I don't see it (they're just being nice).

-I let myself go so I'm pretty fat. I'm not obese but I am obviously fat. I've been working out though =)

-I'm pretty shy and I seem aloof but I open up if you talk to me first. I'm friendly

-I have a small close group of friends

-I'm kind of oblivious to signals from guys

-I dress preppy/casual

-I always smell nice =)

-I'm a very nice person and I'm really empathetic and try to think about other people before myself

-I'm smart but not nerdy or a show off about it.


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  • Look The Most has to do with self confidence FEEL pretty and I saw your picture you AINT FAT your a full woman and be proud of it !

    Look moniqe she's A BIG WOMAN even she can look pretty so if she can do it everybody can do it

    but know how to wear clothes don't wear things that are to tight on the fat areas , wear things that would hide your stommach a little bit you can use a little foundation in your colour ( make up ) is not neccecery ( make up ) mascare big earing hoops get your hair done you can look at some Cuts and you can do your nails

    Always Be Yourself ,smile a lot ( not fake ) and feel like , I don't give a f*ck what you think I'm Gonna Be Myself boys would Notice that and they would think its fun with you around cause if you look desprate they don't want all that drama

    i can say I'm a full woman too, I'm not fat I'm thick I have a booty en a little fat but hey I'm Myself and I get plenty atention from guys because I am myself but I'm not a Ho , I stay true for the person I am , sometimes I'm insecure too but that's normal ,you'll be fine I bet on it and that you Smell good is a real good thing

    xx rosanda


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  • OK, to make things short and sweet girl you know your problem areas right? So work on them. I don't think you need advice so much on your looks, it seems to me you need more advice in the guy department. First off being shy is never good. It comes off as stuck up, conceded etc. Sometimes it can intimidate a guy even more, making him think well maybe she's got a boyfriend? Maybe she just thinks I'm trying to get in her pants? Also, it sends me the signal of, your not interested in me, now I don't know about other guys, but if I sense that a girl isn't interested in me, why would I even bother making a pass at her? Get my point? Guys are very black and white. Why are direct. When we want something we either ask for it, break the ice with you, or drop hints. We don't do these things unless we LIKE you or we are INTERESTED in YOU! Just a heads up. Also always remember he's just as nervous as you are! So if he senses your uncomfortable, he gets uncomfortable. It's the nature of the beast, you need to remain calm cool and collected. Don't get all rattled when he says, "Hey, you could say Hi once in a while sometime you know?" When he says this he's really saying, "Hey your pretty cute! I like you!" "I'd like to talk to you more." That's what that means. If you see what I mean it's pretty direct. There is no if or maybe about that one.

    Well good luck and hope you have better luck and like I told a girl the other day, and I think it helped her. Don't be so scared, were just people you know we don't bite. Just be you, have fun with it, and if it pans out GREAT! If not there's more fish out there!

    It is ok to I'm this user.


  • Ok, If you want to be attractive to guys - specifically guys that YOU want, you're going to have to get on that Kanye Workout Plan. Do situps for a leaner stomach, dumbels for toned arms, and eat salads daily - best cold so that the nutrients are still fresh (heating or steaming veggies kills off most of the necessary nutrients you need in greens). Crunches and situps are all you need to do because if you have a lean stomach with everything else just right and plump, I swear that guys of every culture will be coming over to talk with you. HOWEVER! If you want a more genuine guy, just be yourself and make the initiative to talk to the guy because guys see shy girls as a bit unapproacable - as if they have 2 purity rings that they don't want much to do with men.

    You're fine as you are with getting guys and all but if you want the guys that you find attractive, hop on that workout plan - compliments of Kanye West.

  • Ok you sound like a nice person. You say that you're friendly and even though shy, you open up once you talk to someone. You should try being the first to talk to sometimes if you see someone you like. I don't know how big you are, but I'll tell you that if you're really very fat then yes guys will generally not find you attractive, at least without knowing you. But I don't know if you're chubby or very fat (I realize it sounds very politically incorrect...)

    Do guys ever tell you that you're cute? Do girls that are not in your close group of friends tell you that?

    Smelling nice is a very good feature at least for me, when a girl smells nice around me it kind of attracts me a bit...

    But all that doesn't really say much. Honestly, a few pictures will help us help you much better. I realize you might be shy to post your pictures here (seeing as you posted this as anonymous), but if you really want to know people's opinions, we have to see. We can't tell, a picture is worth infinitely many words.

    Or if you don't want to post your pictures to everyone you can show just me if you want and I'll tell you my honest opinion. Your call.

    • A few guys tell me I'm cute. I've had random women tell me I'm pretty, but most of the girls who say I am are just casual friends.

      I'll send you a body picture, blocking my face out. Don't worry about hurting my feelings, I take it as constructive crit.

    • Ok, you're not too fat for guys not to like you. You're fine.You might still want to go to a gym and lose weight, but you are NOT too fat, I've liked girls that are around the same size as you. The face matter more though - if you have a cute face, then

    • You can still be attractive, you're not too fat for guys to like. If you truly were very fat I'd say that even with a cute face guys won't be attracted easily, but you're fine, guys can find you attractive. Face is just as important, if not more, than body.

  • It sounds like you need some self esteem more that anything. Make sure and be the ''best you you can be'' and always look for ways to improve. That being said, it takes a lot of work to have a nice body. Don't give up on that, it will sky rocker your self esteem and that is very sexy! It's not just women that like confident men, men like confident women too! Put your best foot forward, and be your self. Everyone else here has good advice too, so I'm just adding onto what they already said. Good luck!

  • 1) Lose the extra pounds

    2) Get facial pairings to hide and distract from your plain Jane appearance

    3) Make up

    4) Hang around hip areas, see what the cool girls are wearing and dress like them

    If all else fails, start being very forward with guys - say things like what's your name, wanna make out?

  • Welcome to the real world.

    Problem #1 stop being so picky when it comes to men, and you wonder why you get no

    attention HELLO!!!!

    Because men take notes if a woman is being stuck up. Do you realize how women would love to be in your place?

    And 2nd don't change a thing,even if you change something about yourself there's no

    guarantee you'll get the same attention.

    I'm surprised no ones thought of using shyness as an advantage.

    Case closed

    • I'm not stuck up. and I'm not picky, I have standards. I'm 19 so why would I date a guy who's in his late 20s-30s? if I have nothing in common w/ a guy, how would we have a relationship? what would we talk about?

    • How do I use shyness as an advantage?

  • Ok, I'm gonna be honest with you to, your probably not ugly, your just like you said a bit over weight.

    If you can slim up, a great body is a very attractive thing. and the fact you smell good goes along way, I recommend the perfume Gucci 2 , Could make a guy want any girl wearing it. And have a confident and outgoing personalty, be cool. Don't give a shit about others opinions, and just have fun!


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  • I know that weight can be a deterrent to getting out there and having fun. But if you even pretend that you are having fun, this will attract people. Laugh, smile, dance, and look approachable and pretty soon you will find that people gravitate to you, they'll want to have as much fun as you seem to be having. And before you know it you will be having fun. If you sit with your arms crossed and keep yourself in the corner so no one will notice you, of course they are not going to notice you.

    I know it really hurts to think that you are judged worthy of unworthy by your size, before you have even spoken a single word, it's not only guys that are guilty of this, women do it too, if not even more then men do. Guys would want you to believe size does not matter (when it comes to them) so why is it then, that the size of our thighs does matter. If you are working out great, if its making you happy even better. Dont make losing weight your sole purpose in your life. Sometimes if you make losing weight the only thing that matters in you life you;ll miss out on having fun.

    Confidents is a big thing, if you feel sexy you will exude that, and people will notice you in a good way. Just because you are not a size 2 does not matter you can still be sexy. Your not FAT your P.H.A.T. Pretty, Hot, & All, That. You also do not need to be smoking hot to be sexy either. You need a few pieces of clothes that flatter your curves. Maybe get a close GF to give you a makeover or go get your makeup done professionally They'll know how to show off your best features. Or maybe even waxing your eyebrows. It's amazing what confidents will shine through with just the simplest of changes. Confidents is a huge part of being sexy. Don't zone in on the little flaws, ( everyone has flaws, even that dam size 2 has flaws) the key is you need to revel in your positive features.

  • Hon, a lot of this has to do with SELF confidence. If you don't see yourself as pretty and having something to offer then men won't either. It doesn't matter if your a little overweight, if you walk into a room with self confidence then I guarantee you will attract a wonderful guy. Also, what is your type? If you're talking about outward appearance then you are judging them just like you don't want others judging you. I realize that no girl wants to be with a troll (LOL) but don't automatically write these guys off from their looks. My last boyfriend was everything (physically) that I didn't want in a guy. He was cute but just not my type. He ended up being a great boyfriend and after I got to know him he became the most handsome man to me. I'm shy around new settings as well but as I've gotten older I've learned to smile and just look people in the eye and simply say "hello." I've had men come up to me and tell me that they had to say hello just because I've showed confidence and they thought my smile was beautiful. No woman is 100% perfect but every woman has something to work with.

    If you exude your beautiful personality from the inside on the outside, I guarantee you'll start seeing results. By the way, I have friends in every size range and all of them have had cute boyfriends so it's up to you. Good luck!

  • First thing you need to change is your attitude! Your self esteem is hidious girl! Honestly, attraction boils down to self-confidence. You girl be the prettiest girl in the room and if you seem insecure and unsure of yourself everyone else will pick up on it to. You need to look in the mirror everyday and say, "I am pretty". You may not believe yourself at first but as time goes on you will start to fell better and more confident. Also, stop focusing on your flaws. Pick out things about yourself you like and focus on them instead. As far as weight, some guys are attracted to bigger girls. If you don't like it though, try changing through diet and exercise. Here is a great website with diet plans that I use that can help You can eat pretty much whatever you want too as long as you eat 500 less calories the you burn each day, that will help make you lose a pound a week. Say you burn 2000 calories, don't eat over 1500.

    Try to be more outgoing to and find men that share a common friend base or common interest. Again, YOUR SELF CONFIDENCE is the biggest issue here. Know that nobody is perfect and we all have flaws and everybody looks for something different in a person. Someone might find you attractive and someone else may not. That is what makes the world go round, there is someone for everyone! I hope this advice helps and good luck!

  • Hey girl,

    Well from that list I think that there are some great qualities about you. I think all you need to do, is build up a little bit more of that self confidence and find more reasons as to what is great about you! Just think if you have more confidence in yourself, you think that it will be easy to make a little more eye contact with a guy, or just have a smile on your face when you walk around the shopping centre?! For sure, that's how it works.

    I have heard from so many guys, that they would rather want to get to know a girl who is more average looking but seems very approachable, over a really hot model type looking girl who looks like she is a complete snob!

    So once you are comfortable in your own skin, n find that there are a lof of great qualities about you that other people who find appealing, then your pretty much set to attracting more guys YOUR way

    Hope this helps

    Hot Alpha Female

  • I think if you more confident in yourself right now and you smiled a lot, that guys will be more attracted to you. I have a friend and she's really cool, she's kinda of attractive but I always wonder why so many boys are attracted to her. I realize that guys are attracted to her because of her smile, and she looks very approachable. Just look approachable and smile. try and open up to more people, and guys will see that your friendly and they won't fear being rejected. don't worry if guys don't give you attention, there afraid you'll disapprove of the attention there giving you. I use to be so serious looking but now that I try to smile and laugh more often and guys seem to come up to me more often. hoped I helped.

    • Omg I never thought of that! I don't smile that much either.

  • Girl, boys are attracted to whatever catches their eyes, but it takes a personality for them to stick around, so just get to know a guy you come in contact with, don't expect them to do all the work. Don't worry about your weight. I have a girl friend twice your size that gets more boys than any girl on our floor. She's confident and believes she's sexy even with her size...use positive affirmations everyday and believe them. the universe will work in your favor.

    "I am beautiful inside and out, and I believe love and passion is coming to me"

  • Wear clothing that flatters your figure and walk around like you own the world. :)

  • Try to be more confident. Don't be so hard on yourself. I know you think your slightly over weight and stuff but I bet guys don't. I use to be the same as you shy and stuff but I forced my self to talk to people more and let go a bit not thinking what others think all the time and it sorta worked.

  • have confidence. I always heard it b4 and thought it was bullsh*t, but I never had a bf. this year, I've been confident, and I've had tons of different types of people like me. also, talk to anybody who will listen, make as many friends as possibe. the more people who kno u, the higher chance you have of finding somebody that lyks you that you lyk back