Can get ready in 10 minutes, girls?

today my dad woke me up at 8:50 and said we were leaving at 9 sharp.

i can't think of any girl who can get ready in 10 minutes.

my hair takes 30 minutes or longer on it's own. it's a mess when I wake up, all fluffy and all over the place. my cute little curls take time.

makeup is 10 minutes by itself. I don't know if I need it, but I feel 10x better with it, so I invest the 10 minutes doing it.

getting dressed also takes 10 minutes. I like to stand in front of my closet thinking about where I'm going, what I'm doing, and who I'm seeing to decide what I'm wearing. I also have to pick out shoes and accessories.

this morning I decided on the cute outfit and put my hair in a messy bun and didn't wear makeup. blehh haha. at least we were only going to see my cousins.

how did the wording of my question change?


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  • Haha yes, I did that every time I slept in during the school year! (Which believe me, is a lot...)

    My hair is naturally pretty straight, but it'll wave sometimes cause I'm a swimmer and chlorine just makes my hair wavier, I don't know why. But if it doesn't look good, I'll just put it up in a ponytail or bun, and if I want it to look neater I'll do a low side ponytail.

    Makeup I can do really fast cause I do the same routine every day. That takes me like 5 minutes, since I don't wear foundation...just mascara, eyeliner, a little eyeshadow.

    Getting dressed takes like 3 minutes since I usually pick something to wear the night before haha.

    So yes, I can...but no matter what, I almost always put on at least a little makeup. (Unless it's to somewhere like a swim meet or practice) What can I say, I'm extremely selfconscious without it..


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  • I am one of the few guys on this entire site that will say the following:

    To be honest, I love the high-maintenance look. I like my females super-girly. :)

  • I think it's attractive when a girl doesn't look like she spent forever getting ready. It makes her look high maintenance when she does look like she took a long time.

    • do I look high maintenance to you? it's not my fault my natural hair looks like a white girl fro.

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    • Imagine you're going out on a date with a guy and he's going to be picking you up on a motorcycle. How do you dress for the date? You can't put too much effort into your hair because it's getting smooshed into a helmet anyway. You can't put much makeup on because you'll mess up the inside liner of the helmet. You can't wear heels or a dress for obvious reasons. Have to wear long pants and some sort of above-the-ankle-shoe such as a boot or hightop sneaker (if you care about safety, anyway).

    • Now imagine a girl who dressed that way all the time and tried to look as good as she possibly could while still fitting within those parameters. That's the look I like to go for, personally.

  • Hair 5 minutes, makeup 4 minutes, clothes 1 minute. =] I can do everything in 10 minutes. I usually take about an hour though.

    But I'm not a girl!

    • ^_^ In only 10 minutes!

    • Lol, really? Thanks then, haha. And LOL, I was actually gonna write that in my answer, the term 'beating them at their own game', but the other answers suggest otherwise, haha

  • I like a girl that has messy like some times it show they have a wild sides love it


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  • Takes me 15 min for my hair, 10 to get dressed and 20 for my makeup. I'm usually ready to leave the house an hour after I get up because I need to eat breakfast too

  • It takes me a half an hour if I'm not doing much, and an hour if I'm doing a lot.

  • haha were you ready by 9?

    I'm a total tomboy.

    2 min = shower and brush teeth

    2 min = make up

    2 min = hair

    3 min = clothes

    1 min = perfume, deo, jewellery

    1 min = bag and shoes

    1 min = Butt in car

    Time needed to look presentable = 12 minutes

    Minutes spared by not having my dad complain how I "can never be ready on time" = Priceless

    • "1 min = butt in car"!?! Got a stitch in my side from laughing. You're awesome.

    • haha thanks ;)

  • I could. I hardly ever wear makeup & the only thing I need to do to my hair is brush it. also, I usually just wear jeans & a Tshirt.

  • I need to take a shower in the morning, so no, I definitely can't. If I don't take a shower, I feel really gross and my hair is...ugh. I COULD get ready in 10 (and I often do, when I don't give a sh*t), but I wouldn't want to, I hate feeling rushed.

    Generally though, shower is 15 minutes, getting ready/dressed is 10, makeup is 10, and hair is 10. More or less.

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