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Can get ready in 10 minutes, girls?

today my dad woke me up at 8:50 and said we were leaving at 9 sharp. i can't think of any girl who can get ready in 10 minutes. my hair takes 30... Show More

how did the wording of my question change?

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  • Haha yes, I did that every time I slept in during the school year! (Which believe me, is a lot...)My hair is naturally pretty straight, but it'll wave sometimes cause I'm a swimmer and chlorine just makes my hair wavier, I don't know why. But if it doesn't look good, I'll just put it up in a ponytail or bun, and if I want it to look neater I'll do a low side ponytail.Makeup I can do really fast cause I do the same routine every day. That takes me like 5 minutes, since I don't wear foundation...just mascara, eyeliner, a little eyeshadow.Getting dressed takes like 3 minutes since I usually pick something to wear the night before haha.So yes, I can...but no matter what, I almost always put on at least a little makeup. (Unless it's to somewhere like a swim meet or practice) What can I say, I'm extremely selfconscious without it..

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  • I am one of the few guys on this entire site that will say the following:To be honest, I love the high-maintenance look. I like my females super-girly. :)

  • I think it's attractive when a girl doesn't look like she spent forever getting ready. It makes her look high maintenance when she does look like she took a long time.

    • do I look high maintenance to you? it's not my fault my natural hair looks like a white girl fro.

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    • Imagine you're going out on a date with a guy and he's going to be picking you up on a motorcycle. How do you dress for the date? You can't put too much effort into your hair because it's getting smooshed into a helmet anyway. You can't put much makeup on because you'll mess up the inside liner of the helmet. You can't wear heels or a dress for obvious reasons. Have to wear long pants and some sort of above-the-ankle-shoe such as a boot or hightop sneaker (if you care about safety, anyway).

    • Now imagine a girl who dressed that way all the time and tried to look as good as she possibly could while still fitting within those parameters. That's the look I like to go for, personally.

  • Hair 5 minutes, makeup 4 minutes, clothes 1 minute. =] I can do everything in 10 minutes. I usually take about an hour though.But I'm not a girl!

    • ^_^ In only 10 minutes!

    • Lol, really? Thanks then, haha. And LOL, I was actually gonna write that in my answer, the term 'beating them at their own game', but the other answers suggest otherwise, haha

  • I like a girl that has messy like some times it show they have a wild sides love it

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  • I need to take a shower in the morning, so no, I definitely can't. If I don't take a shower, I feel really gross and my hair is...ugh. I COULD get ready in 10 (and I often do, when I don't give a sh*t), but I wouldn't want to, I hate feeling rushed.Generally though, shower is 15 minutes, getting ready/dressed is 10, makeup is 10, and hair is 10. More or less.

  • It takes me a half an hour if I'm not doing much, and an hour if I'm doing a lot.

  • i don't think I can. It takes me about 2 hours to get ready.

  • I could. I hardly ever wear makeup & the only thing I need to do to my hair is brush it. also, I usually just wear jeans & a Tshirt.

  • haha were you ready by 9?I'm a total tomboy.2 min = shower and brush teeth2 min = make up2 min = hair3 min = clothes1 min = perfume, deo, jewellery1 min = bag and shoes1 min = Butt in carTime needed to look presentable = 12 minutes Minutes spared by not having my dad complain how I "can never be ready on time" = Priceless

    • "1 min = butt in car"!?! Got a stitch in my side from laughing. You're awesome.

    • haha thanks ;)

  • Omg no!...I wake up 2 hours before work and it takes me a half hour just to pick out my outfit. I change my mind so many times, the quickest I could ever get ready would prob be 30 mins, and that would be hard

  • Takes me 15 min for my hair, 10 to get dressed and 20 for my makeup. I'm usually ready to leave the house an hour after I get up because I need to eat breakfast too

  • I can... My hair always looks good so no issue there. I takw showers at night for some reason and pick out my clothes for the next daySo all I have to do is put on makeup I only wear eye liner because I don't need anything else :) and brush my hair an teeth and done. Not hard at all just have to not be all anal about stuff

    • you're so lucky to have hair that always looks nice.

    • I just think that natural hair looks so much nicer then frying it with a straight iron or curling iron it makes it look flat and junk. I have naturally straight hair to begin with other then a few waves and I have very full hair lol but I love it it looks really nice and all my friends futs with my hair all the time they dig it and so do I :)

  • I can. I get out of bed, put a bra and another pair of pj's on, go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. End of story.

  • I take WAY too long to get ready sometimes...Shower 30mins, exfoliating face/ cleansing etc 15mins, pick out clothes/ shoes/ accessories 20mins, hair 30mins, make up 15 mins.Almost 2 hours later and I'm done :) although there are days where I can skip a lot of it and be ready in 30 min or so x

  • yeah I could easily..i would just skip straightening my hair and put it in a bun or something

  • I can and I have. I can get my hair done in less than 5 min if need be, and if I'm in that much of a hurry I won't bother with makeup - just lip gloss. I don't like to be that rushed though.

  • anyone can get ready in 10 minutes. the question is do you want to look good?

  • Ten minutes is impossible. I need at least half an hour.

  • I can if I have to...I can get dressed rather quickly, and the fastest I've ever put make up on took a little under 2 minutes, and it looked like it always did. As for my hair? I usually leave it down anyway, so when I'm in a rush I just quick brush it and go. Sometimes I'll go as far as to pin my bangs back..

  • It's really easy. T-shirt. Jeans. Pony tail. If you really feel like you need it, foundation.

  • it takes 20 minutes for me to get out of bed.let alone 10?! are you kidding me?!

  • Hell yes I can! But I would have to be pretty quick...but I could definitely get ready. I may not look perfect, but who cares if I'm going to college...not like there's anyone there I want to impress... Hahaha x)

  • I could if I absolutely had to, but that would mean no shower, no makeup, and hair in a ponytail. I'd feel pretty gross :P

  • No! 1 hour 30 minutes at the least. My hair takes up the most time.

  • well it takes me about ten minutes to brush my teeth,wash up,do my makeup and get dressed-but if you don't give me more time to do my hair-i'm going out with a 15 cm fauxhawk,for some reason I always wake up with a fauxhawk :/

  • yes, or less. It doesn't take me long to get ready.

  • Yup! & I look good too ;) I'm pretty quick !

    • Site Admins change the wordings to be more...appealing for people to answer.

    • or to incriminate the asker

  • GAG(A) Moderators.

  • The trick is to not always bother with the cute little curls, the makeup, etc. It might be his way of hinting at that...Shower, 5min. You have the thing you're wearing set out the night before, so that takes another 4 minutes. Check your bag for keys, slap on your sneakers/heels and you're done in approx 12 minutes flat.

  • I've woke up and hour late and had to be at work in 15 min and it takes me 15 min to walk to work lol, so I had to get ready in 5min and run to work xD

  • It takes me about 2 hours. My dad knows to give me at least 2-3 hours or else I just will be late or not go.

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