To all the questions with girls asking which weight is the most attractive.

The exact weight of a girl has absolutely nothing to do with how physically attractive a girls is, it doesn't matter if you are 95 pounds or 155 or whatever you weigh. Because each woman or girl will carry weight differently or might have a larger percent of muscle. I find questions saying "I'm this tall so how much should I weigh?" or "what weight is attractive?" or "I weigh this much and I'm this tall, is that attractive?" these are infuriating! Because it really has no say on how attractive you are or if you are fat or not it is really just numbers! It is really bad for any woman to be comparing her weight to another woman's even if they are the same height and have a similar body type because as I said everyone will carry the weight differently! I have wasted so much time comparing my weight to other girl's and feeling bad about myself when I am perfectly healthy and have nothing wrong with the weight I'm at.


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  • I think if you are a woman and you weight 200 pounds you can safely say that you need to loose some weight


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  • People worry about their weight because it is a way to objectively compare yourself to other people. They want to convey how they look to someone else and ask for opinions without being biased about their own body.

  • I am Brando, and I approve this message.

    Now girls, is my penis big enough?...

  • Not only that, but different people like different things.


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  • True that.

    My best friend and I are the same height, same weight, similar build, but we look totally different. I carry my weight in the lower half, she carries it in the upper.

    And also, a lower number doesn't always mean better looking. I looked way better at 120 than I did at 95.