What are some cute shoes to waitress in that also give good support?

I wore converse today and my feet are killing me. Any suggestions?


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  • I think new balance looks nice, and are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned.


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  • Try sambas (adidas) and prepare to never wear converse again.

    • Thanks, those look comfy!

  • I do not know if hiking boots (made for girls?) are appropriate for waitressing but..try those..I wear them to my work..I feel not only taller but really good when I wear them..:)

  • link I don't know just an idea?

    • Those are really cute but probably not the best for slick floors. Thanks though. I'd wear those on my days off. :)

    • Your welcome ;)

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  • Do you ever have to go back into the slide to get food? Then you need legit work shoes with the special no slip sole. Mine are by d***ies and they are fugly but have memory foam inside and my feet feel fine all shift. What is your work uniform? Mine is black work pants and guy dress shirt plus a long half apron

    • I have different colored shirts with the logo and then a khaki mini skirt. I do have to go in the back and it can get kind of slick but I've been doing okay about not falling.

    • Hmm I'm surprised they don't require those special soles for the restaurant's insurance to be good. Must be just the area I'm from. Hmm if you're not wearig long pants then scratch that idea. Mine don't look too out of place because I am in all black. They would look like boats on your feet with just a skirt, they are only sold as mens shoes so I bought a small size

    • hahaha okay, well, thanks. I would rather not have 2 boats attached to my feet sailing through the kitchen

  • Birckenstocks

  • I love converse too but after awhile they do hurt. I like any adidas shoe, I feel like they have a lot of cushion.

    • Thanks, I'll definitely have to look into getting a pair!

  • How about some flats with the Dr.Scholls shoe inserts :)?

    • Do the inserts actually work?

  • Maybe a cute pair of work boots? They sell fashionable pairs at Mandees,DSW, JCPenny, and other similar stores. They are cute and very VERY comfortable.

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