Style options for generally large men?

What are some clothing options for men that are generally big. I am not talking big as in a big gut, but generally big guys. for example, my chest is 50 inches and its mostly muscle and most shirts, even xxl are not big enough to fit around my chest and then be the right length. also, a lot of pants nowdays do not have enough space in the thighs for me as well, even when I go a few sizes larger in the waist. I have never been very "stylish", just bought lee jeans and basic tee's, so I'm trying to get more in style


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  • Go to places like Big and Tall and Old Navy. They tend to carry larger sizes for taller, broader men. There is nothing wrong with being bigger, but I can understand your frustration. I am full figured and have a hard time finding tops that fit my boobs and pants that don't let half my butt hang out.

    Try to find stores that sell things that fit you, try on different styles. I think that a nice dressy button up shirt over jeans is a good look for most guys. Maybe add a nice watch, too. Get a good pair of shoes, some nice pants and some good tops that fit well. Maybe even some shorts that fit well too. I think the best thing to looking good is to just get clothing that fits well.


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  • wish there was a torrin store not only for women but for guys,..


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  • i have the same problem. Xxxl are waay to baggy but are the right length. Other ones are too short. Big and tall stores are mainly fancy clothing at least around me. Sooo I go with a athletic style. Like sports clothing works best. At least for me.

    • i agree. and "Tall" shirts are not sold at many places, but when they are, they are ususally only solid colors

    • yea the best I get is addias nike or under armour logo.slim picking really. Now that you have me thinking about it maybe their is a online big and tall store or somthing.