How do you tame your curly hair?

Ok I'm Puerto Rican and I have naturally curly hair. Its not really kinky curly but it's much curlier than waves. I would like to use less hair products in my hair to keep it healthier and I like volume but I don't want frizz... What's your hair routine?

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  • First of all you need to decide if you want to show the curls or loose them or a mix - depending on your mood or occasion. A shampoo and conditioner for straight hair in case you want to loose them, a shampoo and conditioner for curly hair in case you decide to wear it curly. Depending on whether your hair is dry, normal or oily, you should look for a brand that combines both your needs. If not, you can shampoo it more frequently if oily, or less frequently if dry. Normal hair, every 3 days is OK. You need to use a product for the frizz; if straight, it can be a serum or a cream, you apply on your wet hair and style as you decide using a natural bristles hair brush, as big as necessary depending on your hair length, there are serums to control frizz and add volume. If curly, is usually a cream to boost curls, you apply on wet hair and then you use either a diffuser with your dryer or let it dry naturally - remember to take the hair from the bottom with your hands and squeeze it close to your scalp to help it form a nice curl. You need to take in consideration that it would be good to use a moisturizer, either by the same brand of your shampoo, something better or something natural, check out the web for recipes. I learned a trick a while ago. Once or twice a week, before going to bed, apply your conditioner at the tips, and almost to the roots without touching the scalp, on your dry hair and leave it in, wash it in the morning, it will aid you to avoid split ends and will enhance your natural shine. Good luck!


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  • this might be a question for girls but I've got a lot of curly hair and I'm puerto rican too:) but message me because I'd rather not talk cosmetics in plz? I'll explain then.


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  • mousse. I wash it, and put mousse in it. I saw a tip on TV that towel drying can add to frizz and to use paper towels to help. haven't tried this out

  • Mine is kinky curly..and I haven't found a way yet...its really frizzy...when I straighten it...the ends look good...but the roots are puffy and weird...

    Recently...i have been using leave in conditioner and blow drying it and braiding it...the I take out the braids...and it has a wild wavyish the one in my pictures.

    • try some non alchohol gel but it still leave hair crunchy...maybe oils..may work idk...

  • i have that kind of hair too. I only use one product and it's always a mousse. I find gels to leave my hair way too crunchy. I used to use aussie catch the wave mousse (but my hair got used to it after a year and it didn't really help). now I use suave whipped cream mousse I love it! Just try a bunch of different cheap mousses, they work great.

  • LaCoupe frizz-control curl contouring creme. and LaCoupe "pumped up" curl boosting spray. Look for them in the green bottles! and sometimes I use Marc Anthony strictly curls, curl envy cream.

  • I'm Puerto Rican and I have your hair type also. Honestly, the only way to keep curly hair healthy IS to apply product to it. The only products you will need to apply on your hair, other than shampoo, conditioner, and a weekly treatment, would be a curl defining cream and an anti-frizz serum while your hair is still wet. Distribute the product throughout your hair and lighty crunch it from ends to roots. I used to this, but with a bit of gel or mousse. I was later told that gel, mousse, or anything silicon based is actually really bad for curly hair or any hair for that matter because it weights it down, makes your hair dry, and very brittle. I thought it was the perfect solution back then and that it looked cute. Now that I look back at it, it looked dirty, greasy, and trashy (like hair that hadn't been washed for days and sometimes weeks). I was told to do all of this by a very reputable hair stylist. I listened to his advice and my curls have always been beautiful ever since. I also get compliments quite often.