Are Wallabees or Desert Boots shoes for old people?

I'm a college student that dresses preppy everyday, dress shirts, khakis, jeans, etc. I usually wear air maxes but were thinking of picking up either the wallabees or desert boots from Clarks:

Wallabee: link

Desert Boots: link

The only draw back would be the fact that I don't want to dress old for my age. I probably would wear them with khakis most of the time. Would this make a young guy like myself look old? I think they look pretty good but again the age factor. Hope you can help, thanks.


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  • Wallabee's just look like boat shoes so I don't think you would look too old for your age, as long as you know how to rock them then go for it. I don't really like the desert boots, they're too pointy and look more like cowboy boots to me but they don't look like only old people wear them. Actually I definitely didn't get that impression at all from them.


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  • The Wallabees look kinda weird, but I LOVE Desert Boots. I don't think they look like they're for old people, they;re actually quite hip now, haha. If you're wearing a good pair of slim fit khakis, it'd look awesome.

    • Haha I think I'll go with the wallabees. I think the desert boots are too hipster for me

  • I don't think they look old, but they do look preppy. I neither like nor dislike them.

  • Not my style really, but if you like em go on ahead :)


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