i have this friend, that we talk on the bus, and i`m having a conversation with her, and I know she`s listen, but she never looks me in the eye, she`s always looking foward.usually when I have conversations with people I look them right in the eye, she doesn`t, do any of you guys know why this is?


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  • People, like myself, with autism, often avoid eye contact when we speak.


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  • Yes, she probably has low self-esteem and doesn't feel comfortable looking people in the eyes. This may change with time and once she gets to know you or she could have this problem for a long time. Once you feel you are really good friends, you should gently advise her of this habit and let her know that it is ok to look you in the eyes when you talk to her. And you could help by giving her a compliment first, something like, "I think you are great. If you feel self concious, you really shouldn't feel that way around me. It's ok to look me in the eyes when we talk." I hope that helps.

    I know this information, because I used to have very low self esteem and used to do the same thing. It's almost as if we think people can't see us if we aren't looking at them. It's pretty silly. I eventually got over it but it took years and sometimes I find myself falling back into it when I am around someone I really like.