GUYS: What are some things that you find attractive in girls?

Like little things that they do, or things that they wear. Some people find it attractive when guys where black Nike socks above their sneakers or slides. Others find it attractive when girls bite their lip. Just things like these. Thank you very much!


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  • It really is different for every guy but in general some little things guys like are biting your lip, play with your hair, nice clothes (semi-revealing, if you just whore-out the douchebags will flock), glancing at a guy when you know he's looking, some guys really like skirts, others long socks, I know a guy who is most attracted to girls lips. Personally I like long hair, bright smiles and cute laughs. Smiling at a guy is a good way to show you're interested and let's him still make the first move.

  • i like the whole 'i don't care how I look' look, where they wear uggies a jumper and trackies, it looks so cute and hot :)


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