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What is your favorite food?

What is your favorite food?I mean like no matter the calories, the cost, what is your favorite food?

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  • i'm torn between tacos, philly cheesesteak and pizza

    • TACOS!

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    • LMAO, it looks like were fighting with each other :D

    • LOL

  • hmm...- Baked chicken penne with 3 cheese and spice.- Pepperoni pizza with bacon and sausage.- 3 cheese beef lasagna.- Beef souvlaki with potatoes and vegetables.- Marinated and broiled steaks.- Tacos.- Spicy chicken clubs with fries.- Hamburgers and hotdgos/sausage.- Pork roast.- Chicken teriyaki with sticky rice.- Chicken fried rice with chicken balls and egg rolls.List goes on.

  • All kinds of pasta, but one is Pasta with alfreado sauce, best ever!

  • Tacos.

  • Possibly Candy Yams because it's the only food that if someone screws up, It makes me extremely hateful and pissed off. What? Thought I was going to say Fried Chicken?

    • What? Now I know your favorite food is Candied Yams and beware don't F those bad boys up. Fried Chicken is not your favorite food.

  • I love all kinds of food ;P My favorite is Indian and Chinese food :)

    • I am a vegetarian too ;P

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    • *Facepalm*, *Blushing*, *Embarassed*

    • lol

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