Which is better to be called hot /cute/sexy/pretty?

question says it all

what do people usually call you ?

and which one do you prefer

this question mau have been repeated but just seeing :)

someone just downvoted all the answers :)

they must be called something else XD ( ex : alian )

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What Guys Said 11

  • i hear nothing but "cute" so anything but "cute" would do.

  • I get cute most of the time, id prefer just about anything but that makes me feel like a little kid

  • Hot or sexy will do me. I get called cute too often.

  • For girls, cute is the best. People usually call me cute. I'd prefer "hot". But the thing is, I'm not exactly hot so it makes sense that people wouldn't call me that. :P

  • For some reason a couple of my x es called me beautiful. Don't ask me why as I am still dumbfounded. I usually call a girl pretty (only if she is though)

  • i like to say beautiful, and gorgeous to others. I always get cute from others... I never thought of what id like to be called though... for example when I think sexy, I don't know.. I never thought of myself that way lol so I don't think id be comfortable being called that. so I would go with handsome.. but I've never heard anyone from my generation say handsome ha ha (only old ladies have to me)

  • I prefer to call women beautiful

  • i get called pretty alot...

    • no hard feelings

      i was joking :P

    • your cool.. ha ha I'm just messing with you anyway

    • haha I was just saying that to be nice XD jk

      i don't use the word '' pretty '' on guys

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  • sexy and some time cute or hot

  • i get "cute" a lot... never been called pretty

  • I always get cute :(

What Girls Said 21

  • I don't get them often (IRL) but beautiful is always a favourite. Or when a guy goes into detail about what he actually finds to be beautiful, whether they be solely physical, or incorporate mannerisms, behavior and thoughts/speech. That's the best, when a guy thinks you're even more beautiful because of non-aesthetic traits.

  • They are ALL compliments, does it matter? o.O :D

  • Beautiful :P

  • beautiful !

  • I'd rather be called cute or pretty. Sexy or hot makes it seem like they are only interested in sex.

  • I'd like to be called any of those things because I've never been called them before. Guys tell me I'm ugly.

    • If they call you ugly well the next time a guy call you that ask him if he know what the letters FO mine

  • I get called hot, cute, sexy, beautiful and pretty. And I don't know which I prefer because each one has a different meaning nowadays but I guess I would go with cute and beautiful.

  • I asked this Question...and I had a poll LOL..

    Anyway... Cute and Gorgeous sounds good to me. Pretty isn't anything to me. Sexy isn't either.

    People call me what I don't like.

  • Pretty, sexy or cute. Don't really like being called hot. Actually don't like compliments in general :/ I'm awkward.

  • Pretty

  • evidently I'm "cute" haha

    i'm not sure what I would prefer though

  • I like them all except "hot," not sure why. Pretty, beautiful, and sexy are my favorites. My boyfriend prefers to call me cute and sexy most of the time :P

  • Get called pretty...use to get annoyed by people who called me cute, now kind of love it when my boyfriend does...prefer the last three though, hot doesn't really do it for me...

  • depends on whos calling you it. pretty from a guy you want to begin dating and hot from guys you just wanna hook up with

    • Also cute from a guy you want to begin dating.

  • I get called cute a lot and sometimes sexy when I actually spend time worrying about how I am going to look, whether its going out with friends or to school.

    • of course :D

    • @ Update

      Who cares. That ex Alian is just a troll. Down votes don't get to me. :D

      Everyone here is beautiful in there own way

  • i get called cute/adorable a lot. I would like to be called pretty every once in a while but I'm okay with cute/adorable since it's not bad.

    • hah thanks

    • you are cute and adorable (:

  • Beautiful :)

    You are beautiful, Jennah :)

    • Noway! :D

    • lol it means sexy !

    • That sounds like a bad fruit :D

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  • I'd like to be called beautiful.

  • sexy is probably the better compliment. I'm not entirely sure what people refer to me as...probably something insignificant like cute, just to be polite lol.

  • i get call cute , pretty , hot and my boyfriend calls me sexy whenever I'm dressed up

    i like cute :)

  • um well I like anything except cute.. when guys call me cute I feel like I'm not good enough to be sexy or hot or beautiful lol