Wondering why no one asks me out?

So, I'm in my early 20's and rarely if ever get asked out. I'm very cute and attractive but I've been told on numerous occasions that I look mean and unapproachable, so I do understand the problem but what I can't figure out is... there are so many other mean and sour looking girls out there with bf’s... what did they do? And what should I be doing different?

P.S. I can try to look less mean but that is the natural look I have when I'm completely normal, it would take an enormous amount of energy to maintain a pleasant expression all day.


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  • are you really "cute and attractive"? ...you know, attractive chicks are already a bit intimidating to lots of guys, and an attractive chick that also has a mean expression on her face will be even loss approachable.


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  • Ok lets see a pic of your normal look

  • Well just be how you are. and if you had a pic of your self it would be easy to tell you more about what you are asking


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