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Do women like guys with shaved heads?

Is it just me or do women find guys with shaved heads more attractive ?

Most Helpful Opinion

  • no. I have yet to see a hot guy with no hair

What Girls Said 4

  • Depends on if the guy looks good with the shaved head.

  • I find guys with shaved heads attractive, I wouldn't say they're more attractive than guys with hair but I've been attracted to a few guys with no hair

  • Shaved head men are attractive, but not more attractive than the rest.

What Guys Said 2

  • It hasn't given me any issues with the girls.

    I got drunk and passed out...then my bro shaved a crop circle in the back of my head. I had such lovely thick hair too. So, I shaved it all off and was like "oh my god, this is awesome!"

    Never grew my hair back since :)

  • ask anybody in the army

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