I like him but he is madly in love with my looks?

he never stops watching me wherever I go like he is hunting me ,he comments everyday on my hair body and clothes ,but he 'll never want to engage in meaningful conversation with me like he wants to know nothing about me sometimes its like he can understand me a lot.. I can never know ..he ignores my personality like I'm nothing but a beauty he confesses he is never satisfied by one girl and that he is lustful then he asks me to trust him ...all the time he asks me to do sexual things for him ,never gets bored of asking ! and never stops coming to me though I ignore him a lot because I refuse being used ... I just want to know how to deal with him what will make him stop seeing me like a sexual fantasy !


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  • He's a guy the reason he's attracted to you is because of your looks.

    If you're waiting for a guy who doesn't go for looks you'llbe waiting for some time lol

    In your case he seems extreme so dump him. Most guys see girls as sexual objects but at least they can appreciate and occasionally respect her.


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  • slap him as hard as you can in public...how can you like such a low life ? well you girls are weird

    • I guess it depends on the surrounding? O w O But aren't it usually best to just ignore first, than walk away as if you don't notice. And tell him to stop... But if it gets worse.. I guess slapping okay.. But won't there be an uproar? O. O Or if it's okay? O O Cuz he perhaps won't slap back unless he doesn't understand what he did wrong? >.<

  • For guys ,sex is what he want firstly


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  • I am not interested in people who are that superficial, it'll get boring for you later.

  • You can't change guys like that unfortunately the most you can do is find someone who treats you better and appreciates you for you, you are pretty and it sounds like you treat yourself with respect and are way more than just a sexual object, and a guy will see that, someone who is nicer than he is.