Is he giving me signs he's attracted to me or just being friendly?

Looks me straight in the eyes and doesn't let go of his gaze until I do. Looks at me when I'm not looking, when I catch him he quickly puts head to... Show More

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  • These are all classic signs of attraction, and I would wager that he's interested in getting to know you better, not just looking for a hook-up. Are you attracted to him as well?

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    • I am very attracted to him and I will stare back at him when he stares at me and as we pass he blushes and I blush and we say hello and then I smile and put my head down. Do you think maybe we like each other and we are both a little shy/cautious?

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    • There is a policy and that is you cannot date your boss and he's not my boss and not on my team - Yes we do have chances to see each other after work. There are occassions where we have outside events happen. In fact, I'm a bit sad I recently missed out on an opportunity. A few weeks ago we had an outing and I was out of the office that week. We really don't have social circles where I work. It's very professional and we are all so busy. I'm not comfortable in making a big first move :(

    • If you'd like to talk about this some more, message me or friend me (not sure how that works; I'm pretty new here), and I will give you my email address. I can probably give you a few more pointers, but these 400 word chunks are limiting. Thanks for the "best answer," by the way. That was sweet of you.