I'm tired of having an ugly face, but I need to know how to cope?

My face is ugly, and it's not something surgery can help. I especially hate my eyes. I can't really determine what it is about them specifically but their shape is just ugly... I don't know. Plus they're brown, a versatile, yet boring color. I don't like colored contacts, because they're fake, and I hate being fake. My body is not that bad, I mean, I'm not fat. But that's it... it's just average, nothing special.

I don't really have a body to make up for my ugly face. And yes, I'm ugly. I know because guys give me no attention. I know because girls and guys have told me to my face. And I also know because sometimes people are rude to me out of nothing... you can kinda sense when they're being rude because of how you look. Or some guys have felt entitled to make fun of me because of my looks as if they were something I can control.

People always say it's the inside that matters, but my inside is so underrated. I know, however, that no whining will help, that make up is fake and temporary and that I'll NEVER be naturally beautiful or be treated like beautiful women or get the same attention... so my only option is to deal with it, but I don't know how, because it just feels overwhelming to even try. Any tips?


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  • I have brown eyes. People don't mind that. It's the smile. Smile. Even when ugly people smile, they seem like a easy going person. Try changing your style. If you feel that your body is not attractive, do something about it, i.e. work out.

    • It's not a weight problem. Have you seen thin girls who have nothing special about their bodies? What I mean with "special body" is like DDs, small waist, shapely butt and legs. I have small breasts, small waist, OK, and cirveless butt/legs. It's all "blah". Boring, not sexy.

    • *curveless

    • If you have muscles, that will add curves to your body.

  • You sound so sweet, I'd love to put my arms around you and give you a big kiss. It's possible you're better looking than you let on. I wish Iknew you, then I'd find out for sure.


  • Face/off.

  • Online dating with a very verbose profile exposing your inner beauty, and either no picture or a very unrevealing picture of yourself. Then search and read all the profiles without pictures.


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  • I've always thought brown eyes are really pretty. Very underrated.

  • -Colored contacts or get over your eye color dilemna

    -Get your eye brows shaped, preferably threaded, you'd be amazed at what perfectly shaped eye brows can do

    -Try dying your hair a different color

    -Exercise: 30-60 minutes of cardio a day to keep in shape

    -Wear makeup to enhance your features

    • Actually, if you don't need contacts to see, don't bother with colored contacts. They're cheap and fake as hell

  • Girl, join the club. I know exactly how you feel. I wish there was some magic answer on how to get over it, but if there is I have no idea what it is. I'm just waiting to get old so then it doesn't matter that I'm ugly. Screw my 20s, I want to be 50.