How should I fix my hair on a regular basis?

The only celebrity anyone has ever said I looked like is Evangeline Lilly. I have the same sort of hair. So my question is, should I wear my hair straight, curly, or other?







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  • Depends on what your new years eve is going to be like.

    If you can pull off the first hair do under A, please go with that. It's great.

    But it stands the chance to look very messed up after the party's over.

    If you want to look less JBF in the morning, go with the second one under B. It's GORGEOUS!


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  • if you look like that then you are set all you need is to apply makeup or wear a nice dress cause normally people with that hair can pull off anything especially if they have bangs. or you can make bangs with that kind of hair and look elegant.:D.

  • Why don't you change it up?

    I fix my hair in the mornings before school, and how I fix my hair depends on how late I want to sleep. If I want to sleep a little longer I wear it curly because it doesn't take as long.

    But lately I have been wearing it straight with a headband or pulled half back.

    If you have the options to wear it different ways, then I wouldn't wear it the same all the time.

  • you should wear what whatever is easier for you. whatver is convenient or comfortable for you. but the pictures...chose the second one under A cause its classy so I agree with catgirl. plus if it is messed up then it would looked like you've had a blast. and Evangeline Lilly is a great compliment girlfriend. I have short culry hair and people tell me I look like little orphan annie.XD.

    • Hehe! Oh, I forgot, do you know the little pepsi girl with the curly hair? I looked like her too. hah. Forgot about that. :)

  • I like the second picture in the A section. Its mostly down and straight but curled at the ends with it half up. I think that style says sophisticated but still wanna have some fun :)