Cute girl in class, what should be my next step?

there is a girl I like in one of my classes that I finally had a chance to talk to yesterday. usually I sit next to one of my friends (who is a girl) and always walk to and from class. last week I saw the girl walking behind us after class, so I decided my chance would be after the next class.

my friend had to miss class yesterday so I told myself "i gotta talk to her this time".

so after class I saw her alone by the steps and we started to walk and talk. it all started from just saying "hi". she asked me why I was taking the class, and I asked her what was her major, and other school related stuff. she had a nice smile on her face after she answered and asked questions with good eye contact. then she asked me where I lived and stuff, then before we split up to go home, she said "see you next week" with a nice smile.

so I would like to know what should be the next step. I want to amp up the flirting a bit more with her and try to get her number and hang out, but id like to know how would you girls would expect this to happen, and how would you guys exactly go about this. she usually sits in the front of class, and I sit in the back with my friend and we walk together to and from class.

as far as that girl being attracted to me, I'm not too sure just yet, I don't want to pressure her, I want to build this up kind of slowly.

what do you think? thanks in advance.


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  • I think you should just straight up ask for her number. most girls would appreciate that, unless she's just completely not into you. in which case, you don't want to be wasting your time anyway. so yeah... just go for it.


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  • yeah man just get her number! and she will like that, it'll make her look good in public too just what she wants >.>

  • Keep talking to her in the meantime.

    Then see if she goes to office hours or special discussions or anything like that, and tell her that you really wanted to go too, but can't make it.Then ask her if you can have her number so she can tell you if there was anything worth knowing.

    Don't have too much expectations, play it with the attitude of having fun, try getting to know her better!

  • Just ask her for her number already. Say you two should get together and study at a coffee shop or something, it's pretty easy man.

  • To start with see if She'd like to go out with you some time see a Movie, go out to Lunch/Dinner

  • Play it cool and just throw it in the conversation next time you're chatting.

    I've heard it works best to ask right before you go your separate ways, say something like "hey, it was nice seeing you and chatting again, you should give me your number".. don't bother asking for it, just tell her she should give it to you :P

    it's a bit cheeky but said in the right way I'm sure it will be effective! :)

    let us know how it goes hey!

    all the best!