How Can I Show Him I Like Him?

I have a guy friend that has been flirting around with me for a while

and I really like him a lot. I was wondering what ways I could flirt with him so he would know I liked him without having to say it. I'm a shy person so please don't say something like walk up to him and give him a big kiss. I would like to know what would work for you guys. Thanks


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  • Just make sure you give him a lot of eye contact and smiles. Also touching his hand and close body contact is a good way to say you like him. Just be yourself and spend as much time with him. If you do really like him, make little hints during a conversation like "ah your perfect boyfriend material". Trust me he'll know if you make it obvious :)


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  • The simplest way is to spend a lot of time with him, and when you are together, to stay close to his body.

  • (brush ur hair behind ur hair in front of him when you say it its a body sign of attraction)

    then give him compliements when he deserve them like haircuts

    and tell him that the single life is boring this is obvious but will get his attention and he will know what to do

    i hope that helps:)

    can you help me with mine


  • What you could do is give him a big genuine smile that says "I enjoy your company, be mine"


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