Hottest/lastest hair trends for women?

hair cuts, colors, styles, etc

I know that "ombre" is in and so is orangy red hair, but maybe that's out?

and girls seem to be wearing extensions, what have you seen lately?

oh yeah.. and those god awful feathers in the hair...

***please don't preach to me about being confident or original or comfortable in my skin, I love myself and would like to treat my locks to the latest trends if you can't dig it then go away. I like to stay current, it makes me feel warm inside.


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  • messy buns.. I see them everywhere!


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  • Bad hair beautiful face (01:05) link

    According to catwalk shows, it's long hair wavy (ombre'd) or straight with middle partings, bob cuts and boy cuts are also still in link link link link

    • great video just what I was looking for!

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    • I just tried out the style he showed, I like it it looks very Victorian, but I think the people at work will think I just got out of

    • lol, if I saw you I would be asking how you did your hair, but if your concerned I would suggest keep the body of the hair just don't let it be too messy.

  • Um, well I agree about the ombre'd hair. I've actually been thinking about getting it done myself :) Mainly because of the fact you don't have to keep dying the regrowth but it still looks nice and beachy. Extensions aren't really anything new, and I'm kind of sick of seeing them on a lot of girls, especially when its obvious its not their real hair. I think ombre is probably the one I've seen most.

    • yea I hate extensions too, its like fake barbie doll hair, and I already have ombre'd hair because I dyed my hair blond a year ago and its grown out about half way, so lucky me, haha