Why do black girls like white guys so much?

It is just something that I have been wondering about, I mean dun get me wrong, I like black girls too and find them to be quite attractive and what not, but I am just curious as to why.


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  • Hmm -

    I've always had a natural attraction towards white guys since the day I figured out what a boy even was.

    That's one reason for it - likewise a lot of black girls actually aren't discrimitory about who they date. More and more are dating out - and with white guys.

    My second theory is that black women are progressing at a rate, and leaving black men behind. non black men tend to be more ambitious and driven towards realistic goals - not caught up in following some fantasy of being a pro sports player, rapper, or chasing money in less classy ways.

    I blame our sub culture for teaching young black men such a corrupted idea of success.

    And also it praises disrespect towards us black women. I don't know about the rest of these black girls, but I'm sick of being called a hoe and a bitch, and expected to be as such just because of some f***ing rap song.

    Naturally, as an ambitious driven black woman - I desire the same qualities in a guy - as does several other black women in my category. It's really hard to find very many black guys who fall into this ideal - but non black men seem to be more diligent in that aspect. That makes me more attracted to non black men, as I'm sure it could communicate the same message to other black women.

    Non black men aren't so harsh - and by harsh I mean not extremely domineering - his way or the highway - and are a bit more flexible.

    Black women, we're pretty sturdy and can be stubborn in our ways - black men are relatively the same - so it's easy to get a lot of tension and head butting there, because our culture teaches us to never back down. That's good and all if you live on the streets - but not so good for love and relationships.

    This is not to say non black men are weaker in that sense - they are just more flexible, and likewise, can help the laxity in a black partner. I noticed between two of my friends, a black guy and a white guy, when me and the black guy argue, it's never ending - when me and the white guy argue, he at least tries to see it my way or help me see it his way.

    Now that can just be a more individual trait - but I believe non black men are just more laid back, understanding, and passionate towards love and what they do.

    I find it funny that black men complain about how hard black women are - but interracial couples with black women, those men never complain.

    One of my uncles is full Korean, married to a black woman - she's a tough cookie lol a little hoodish, but they get along amazingly well. And she doesn't dominate over him or anything like that, it's a good share in power. I honestly think it's because he's actually patient with her.

    People are people - I mean race shouldn't be a factor at all - but there are some interesting differences that come about between black men and white men.

    And those are probably what's causing this phenomenon.


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  • Lol woah, all I'm going to say is each bloke has their own perferences & girls do to lol.

  • They dont

  • I like white guys because they are funny, more open to feelings, fun and are adventurous. I love that they compliment you and get to know you before judging you... and they are hot Haha

  • Um what? Lol

  • I don't like them often but like any guy his eyes is what intriges me

  • Where have you been,its not that big of an issue


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  • I see a lot of black girl, white guy dating questions on here but I don't think its really because black girls like white guys so much and vice versa. I think its pretty much the same as with guys and girls of the same/other races, only with white guys and black girls its as if both arn't sure about if the guy or girl is open to dating out.

    I think black girls are hot though so if it isn't this I'm not gonna be complaining :)

  • Why do "all" races of women like white guys so much? It's not just black girls.

  • What anon said. Various hair and eye colors, pointed noses, etc. Come to think of it, they do have a pretty big edge over other races, lol.