Why are some unattractive females mean towards attractive guys?

I've noticed this a lot lately. I am pretty stylish and I like to look "presentable". It seems like the better a guy looks the bitchier they get. Now I can think of a few reasons as to why:

1. They assume that all attractive guys are a**holes with no personality etc.

2. They assume that the guy isn't interested in them so they just go bitch mode.

This is not to say that all of them do this, but I've noticed that quite a few do. So what am I missing here?


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  • All women have their bitchy (weak) moments. Just like all guys do. Many unattractive women have wonderful personalities because they know they're not good looking. Then, you have the women who have the double dagger formula for lonliness: ugly and mean. The most logical reasoning for this behavior is it's a defense mechanism. They need to demeanor the opposite gender in hopes that the guy will think he is ugly himself and date that ugly girl. They have that attitude of "F*** you; you ain't sh*t."

    • On one hand that makes sense, but on the other shouldn't they try to be nice to make up for their shortfalls? I mean whenever this kind of thing happens I just say "Okay bye" and walk away. It's not like I'm gonna start chasing her. It's really uncalled for especially when I try to be nice.

    • Some of those women think they are all that and more; they are delusional, but there are more nice and decent women than the mean, ugly ones.


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  • I wouldn't say number 2 is right. Even if I feel a dude is out of my league I'm not automatically a bitch to him because he is _____ (cool, goodlooking, fabulous, whatever)

    I would almost assume the first one. They are used to being looked down upon or judged for their unattractivness, especially by attractive people (both males and females because they are probably bitchy towards pretty women too) so they put up the wall that keeps them from letting you get close enough to make them feel, well, unattractive. No one likes feeling unattractive, its on level with feeling rejected and unworthy.

    • Good point, that kind of makes sense. I hate humanity sometimes.

    • Thanks.

      And look *for* the good, not just at the suck-fest. (:

  • 3. maybe you aren't as stylish/good-looking as you think (though that isn't a good reason for them to be bitchy)

    • You might be right but you didn't really answer the question sweetheart. I don't think I come across as a cocky/arrogant bastard (Except when I'm really drunk).

  • Its fear of rejection honestly.I was always told I was pretty and attractive but since I split with my ex a year ago I do tend to have my guard up around all guys but especially the hot ones that could make me feel like sh*t

  • Nothing wrong with you for me.Its just unattractive girls tend to have less pride than the attractive one...because guys rarely approach them.Honest asnwer from me...


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  • It's because they believe they can't have you, and instead of being rejected they act out towards you. Just ignore them.

  • That's how you get feminists, bro.

    Some bitch is unhappy that she's not getting laid (since she's both dumb and ugly, a rare combination) and goes batsh*t insane.

  • lol at slipslender's dumb answer.