Would a guy flirt with a girl even if he didn't find her attractive?

and he wasn't a flirt or trying to make anybody jealous?

This gorgeous guy who has girls all over him but hardly dates was directly flirting with me and I was flirting back, and so now I give him smiles and stuff and he just looks away and ignores me. What is up with that?


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  • I'm no pimp, but I flirted with this attractive girl for a while. Then suddenly I became interested in another girl, and I started to ignore the one I had flirted with, which I now regret because she was nice and very pretty.

    It depends on the guy, but I don't think they would. But I know we can lose interest pretty quick.

    • That makes sense, I never thought about it that way. Thanks!

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  • hes probably just tryin to build extra confidence, it an old trick in the how-to book...i can't stand guys or girls that do that though, I find it mean and disrespectful

    • Ugh I hate boys. Haha thanks.

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  • Guys are just weird. Hard to understand. I can never figure them out.