Can you honestly say you wouldn't do this?

Lets say you work at a somewhat swanky restaurant and no hats are allowed.

In walks a man with a tattered jacket, faded jeans, a hat on his head. How long would you wait as his waiter to tell him about the policy vs another customer you were just assigned: a well groomed man in a Gucci suit with crocodile boots, a white gold rolex, hot shades, toothpick in mouth and fine fedora on head.

Basically would you feel more at ease telling an average Joe this vs some a richer Guy?

Would you personally?

I don't have a job so this isn't from experience :) Thanks for feed back on how the rich are treated vs the middle class or poor.

Would you feel as if you told the rich guy he might make a scene or try to get you fired?


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  • Chances are, I would do what every waiter on the planet does - wait until another customer complains before doing anything. Unless of course it was a job requirement resulting in redundancy if not met, in which case I'd tell them both equally as fast.

    Although, just because I would do it to the both of them doesn't mean I would feel the same way about it. In all honesty, I would be much more intimidated by the apparently wealthy customer due to the simple fact that with money, comes power.


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What Guys Said 2

  • I'd mug the rich man and resign, his watch will feed me for a month or 3

  • I guess in that case you'd just have to go by company policy. It's not like you're turning the guy away from food or shelter. Just extremely overpriced food.


What Girls Said 2

  • i'd tell them both right away to please leave their hats either in their cars or at coat check that it is policy. would treat them the same, not like I'm making more or less money.

  • I'd tell them both the policy and ask them to leave, simple.