Will most girls like an average-looking guy if they have things in common or he has a good personality?

While I don't exactly think I'm ugly, I'm definitely not the best looking guy. There's one girl in particular I like, I've talked to her a few times, but I'm kind of intimidated by her because I'm scared she'd reject me. We seem to have similar interests, and I'm probably going to pursue it, but I'm worried that it won't work out. It's rare for me to find a girl I like at all, never mind one as awesome as this girl is.


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  • i don't think looks matter that much as long as it's pleasing to the eye for that particular girl then it's fine. but I think the most important thing in establishing a relationship is the chemistry between the two people...sometimes even though two people may have many things in common, things might not work out because the chemistry just isn't there. that's why you may sometimes here opposites attract, some people may like others who are totally opposite from them. so I really think it's how you two get along, if there's a spark there and if you guys click. if you guys do by all means go for it! and there's no harm in trying...


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  • Most girls don't completely go after looks. All it takes is an emotional atrraction. for me I know I usually don't really begin to like a guy until after I kind of get to know them as friends so there is no reason for you to be intimidated just go for it.

  • in the long run, at least to me, looks don't really matter. id rather be with an a guy whos considered ugly but has a great personality than a really hot jackass.

    even if you don't consider yourself to be good looking, you can't let it get to you. my ex was really hung up on his looks and always said to me, "why are you with me? you could do so much better" donttttt say that to her, because shell dump you.

    i do think you should go after her, don't let your doubts get to you :)

    • Yup. Insecurity is such a turn off for girls. I have experienced it before.

  • Looks normally don't play a role in how a girl feels about a guy. Guys are visual creatures, us females are into what's in ur brain and in ur heart(looks are a bonus). as long as we are treated like the queens that we are, we have no problems with how you look. you should pursue her. a closed mouth never gets fed, and you will never know if she is into you or not if you never try. she might feel the same way you feel but is also scared of bein rejected. good luck!


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