Is it very weird that I don't like boxers?

Im 19 and I've been wearing boxers for 3 years, but I just don't like them! I find them really uncofortable and annoying sometimes. No one else seems to think this though, as practically everyone wears them! I think I might change to briefs, but I'm wondering am I weird cos I don't like boxers? also, would changing to briefs be a fashion disaster? what do girls think about boxers versus briefs?


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  • No, why care about what everyone else thinks. You're the one who has to live with it. Girls hardly ever notice unless you're modeling for them.

    • OK! Would tighty whities even be excusable?... there comfy...

    • I wouldn't care lol. The only time a girl should see them is before sex and if she's a girl who cares about you then she won't even pay attention to the underwear you're wearing at that point.

    • Thanks for the advice!... think I will change now, cos trust me boxers are so uncomfortable. uncomfortable underwear is annoying... will get some briefs

  • i really think it's a personal comfort choice. it's not about "weird" or what's "in style"

    for example, I like thongs. I just find them more comfortable than regular undies, I don't have to worry about panty lines, or granny panties or anything really! but my sister doesn't. she says to her it's like having a 24hour wedgy.

    so really it's a personal choice

    you don't like boxers, don't wear them!

    • thanks for the answer! any reccomendations on alternative undies? should I go for briefs or maybe boxerbriefs?

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    • You can have all of my pairs then, cos I'm getting rid of them!

    • haha sounds like a pretty good deal!

      and I'm glad you're convinced that it doesn't really matter and you shouldn't feel weird about it :)

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  • I think boxers are the bomb! But neither is more weird than the other, I wear both, it's just a matter of what's on top in the draw haha, briefs are good too, but I dunno, I just like boxers better.

    Don't worry mate, it doesn't make you weird.

  • No you are not weird. Boxers are like wearing clothes underneath your clothes. I've heard all these stupid ideas and comments about briefs saying they look like panties. I would like to make girls wear boxers for a week and see how they like it. I wear briefs for comfort. If you want to wear briefs then do it. Why should we be uncomfortable because we're told we must not wear briefs. So I say wear them and who cares what people think