Is my body type attractive/unnatractive?

I am 5'8 205 pounds. I am definitely overweight but don't look as big as I seem. I have broad shoulders, big arms, and have a good deal of muscle in addition to fat.

I guess you could say I'm stocky but I'm also a great athlete. I have a gut which is def. noticeable, etc. I am definitely gonna start working out because I was like 175 a few years ago but I want an honest answer about my current body type.


I really don't care what people think. i.e. what someone says will not affect my self image since I love being me, haha, not in a vain way though.

I just want to know if I am getting less girls than I would be otherwise. i.e. I don't know if I am too short and being short and fat are reducing my chances greatly.


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  • I'm personally not attracted to men who aren't very slim and tall. However, I'm definitely in the minority as most girls like men who appear masculine to them in the sense that they have broad shoulders and muscle mass. Being short isn't usually an issue as long as the women you're interested in are shorter than you. Everything depends on how you present yourself.

    One of my really good friends has a very fashionable flair and, from what I can tell, has a similar body type to yours and his girlfriend was a smoking hot 5'7", big boobed, thin brunette. Of course he's sweet and funny and has a good personality etc. but I find it matters a lot less how a guy is shaped compared to women.


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  • You have pretty much exactly the same type of body as my boyfriend, and I think his body's attractive so I don't see why other people wouldn't find yours attractive.


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  • Dude I'm 6 foot 220 stocky build people say I look like I'm 185 pounds a couple of girls said that and then I tell them I weigh 220 and they say no way I am like you almost your not fat most is muscle like me and I am a d line man I use to be a linebacker but I was faster then the running backs but coach never let me try out for the spot... But just 4get about the small dude F them they got nothing on me. They know not to mess with stocky dude like us because they know we will Fuck them up... Any way stock is better

  • being overweight is unhealthy and unattractive.

    overweight girls tend to prefer heavier guys though, because it makes them seem less fat in comparison. as long as you're not morbidly obese, you should be able to find someone who will find you attractive.