What is considered "hot"?

What are things guys look for in girls that considers them hot or cute? I am shy and don't get attention from guys, I never wear make up and dress more tomboyish and dark clothes.

I want to change my style a bit but don't want to go all different. Just enough to be noticed.

Helpful tips please. :)

I have red hair and blue eyes btw


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  • well first off we guys don't really jel with dames who are not good dressers for hye the best part in a dame is what she's wearing(no offence ladies but its what me and my mates think call us stereotypes or crazy) but blue eyes ohhhhh damn damp danzel babe you are surely on the list to be my next for they say people with blue eyes are loyal and loving like hell

    just wear bright colors which look good on you tanktops or capped seleves are good but if you can do better then go on you have an open field


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  • I think you're asking this backwards. What do YOU think makes YOU look hot? Not all guys are attracted to the same things. Some like boobs, some like butts, some are into feet (Rex Ryan). You need to decide what it is about you that you like, and then dress that part up. Do you like your legs? Show 'em off with a great dress or skinny jeans. Maybe you really like your red hair and blue eyes. Wear tops with collars to draw attention to your face. When you feel hot, you'll gain a lot more confidence, which is attractive. And some guy will come along who agrees.

  • Oops. Helpful tips. That leaves me out. Please ignore.

  • Red hair and blue eyes... Your instanly cute in my mind. Depending on if your hair is naturally red.


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  • Hm..hot...part of it is about having a hot body.

    But when girls are hot they generally:

    Wear makeup

    Wear feminine clothes that are somewhat tight. Sometimes they may be slutty. They definitely show off the body.

    Have long hair

  • You can change your style just a bit and look better, If You are into tees and jeans just use them in a fitted cut so that show your body in a girlie way...

    And as for the make Up just try a mascara it Makes a huge difference I am sure You will look sexier...