Girls, how do you wear make up?

Uh,I will attend an interview and I never wear any make up before.What is the basic thing that make up need ? So please help me(the job interview will be in two weeks later )

Forgive some of my grammatical errors. Thank you very much


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  • Bit vague but as it's a job interview less is probably more, you want to look bright, approachable and friendly without having the interviewer being too drawn to how your appearance. (It's about you as a person first and foremost).

    > I'd firstly make sure you get a foundation that suits your skin color, it couldn't be worse walking into an interview looking like you can't pick your ivorys from your tans lol. Don't go overboard, just a bit of foundation with some loose powder and maybe some concealer for any blemishes.

    > I would have just a touch of blush to make you look fresh and not too pale looking, you want to look full of life and have some color in your cheeks. Just smile and apply it to the actual cheek not the cheekbones.

    > Don't bother with liquid eyeliner, it's hard to apply it without overdoing it and I personally think for an interview, pencil eyeliner along top (not bottom) with neutral eyeshadows looks more professional. Choose colors that are in keeping with your skin tone and eye color, beiges, tans, creamy colors. Interviewers will undoubtably look you in the eyes so although you want to make them look bright and have them well done you don't want them to be checking out which eyeliners you're using at the same time.

    > A little mascara, get a good one so it doesn't all clog up and make your lashes stick together. Don't do lower lashes, it can look messy.

    > If you're going to wear anything on your lips I'd recommend a lipstick, perhaps a more skin color personally but anything will be fine so long as it's not some outrageous color, gloss can be too shiny and is a bit too young looking. You could always apply some chapstick or nivea lipbalm etc just to make your lips more soft looking if you don't want to wear lipstick. No lip liner if you're not confident with make up.

    It really depends on the job you're interviewing for, unless you're going for a beautician or working in cosmetics you want to keep make up on the low. You want to look professional and smart and not like you're going for a beauty contest. Also if you're a bit of a make up virgin it's best to stick to the basics and not try anything too adventurous :) Good luck!

    • my skin tone is yellow and black eyes .some color advice ? I have a good skin too

    • Asian skin tones can be difficult to match and you don't want to try finding foundations have pinky or whistish undertones, it won't match your appearance. I would try looking in some of these brands: MAC or Clinique, they have wide ranges or skin tones in their products. Also see if you can find some Shiseido foundations which are supposed to have some great ones for Asian women :) If you're still not having much luck go to ask a beautician over the counter at cosmetic stores :)


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  • I see that you are Chinese. I am probably safe in assuming you have nice skin. (Correct me if I am wrong) So you probably don't even need to worry about wearing "base" or "foundation" on your face. But, obviously that's up to you. If you do use base I suggest Bare Minerals then top it with their Mineral Veil. Also use their bronzer called "warmth" (See their website or net for appication demonstration. Also pick a blush from their line. They have many other products...but their foundation looks the most natural, won't wreck your skin, but can still provide coverage if you need it, just apply more. If you have nice skin, I would just use some matte eyeshadow in a lighter color on your top lid, eyeliner on your top lid & mascara(top lid), some lipstick(or lip stain) & a little blush or bronzer if you need a hint of color. Keep it more natural, focus more on a polished conservative outfit & nice hair do & jewelry of the same nature. Good luck on the interview! :)

  • I don't go too heavy on the make up because natural always looks best.I use a bit of foundation and lip gloss.

  • A little eyeliner and mascara..maybe even some blush..but not too much.

    You want to look clean, neat, and mature. So, with the little eyeliner..that should help a bit.

    Also, if you have acne, you might want to cover it up with some foundation, but make sure to

    get your color!

  • Short list

    1- foundation in your skin color

    2- a blush could be pink or bronze If you are tanned

    3- Black Mascara

    4- a lipgloss

    You can use powder and eyeliner but the basic for a natural look are those

  • you need foundation to make sure your skin tone is clean and even. then some mascara and a neutral eyeshaow to give your eyes that pop

  • Keep it light and simple. Just some thineyeliner in black or brownish black. some mascara. A little blush. And a subtle lipcolor in a neutral tone

  • If you have good skin, all you need is minimal makeup for your interview, just enough to give you a little glow and more put together look. By that, I mean some black mascara, some blush on the apples of your cheeks, some pink lipgloss and maybe a swipe of bronzer on your cheekbones.

    Good luck on your interview! :)