Favorite thing for girls to wear?

What would you guys have a girl wear, if you had a say in her wardrobe? Everyday, to work, to school, while sleeping, hair, makeup, opinions on lingerie, whatever you guys want to talk about. :)

Warning: Please do not tell any girl what to wear, unless you have a desire to be slapped/broken up with. :D

Thanks for answering!


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  • The most attractive thing a girl can wear is sweatpants and a tshirt. If a girl looks pretty in just that, then you know she's going to be gorgeous in anything else.

    • Wow! That's different. I hate wearing sweats and sneakers unless I'm home or going to the gym.


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  • Skinny jeans, almost too small t-shirt and flip flops for everyday. Work, doesn't matter. Hair, down is always more attractive to me.

  • sexy lingerie

  • Essentially, nothing but..seeing as how I wouldn't want you getting arrested for public indecency, just wear what you feel the most comfortable in. If you're uncomfortable, it's going to make me uncomfortable.


What Girls Said 1

  • Everyday-Skinny jeans or tight jeans of some kind and a nice shirt. something simple that highlights her curves. natural makeup..play up the eyes a bit keep the rest nude or almost nude

    Work-fitted pencil skirt tucked into blouse. heels. same as casual makeup except add a little bit of color to the lips.

    Sleeping-bra and panties. sometimes I add shorts or a tank top to this. if it's cold maybe sweats.

    Hair-should always be down or at least half up.

    Makeup-never too heavy. My rule is play up the eyes and stay away from bright colors or anything very heavy or glittery. Mascara, thin eyeliner, blush and slightly darker but neutral lips.