What do you think if a girl wears false eyelashes?

What do you think if a girl wears false eyelashes *sometimes*, eye shadow, and eye liner every day but not at home? Even to just go out to one store and wearing whatever is in season *Example: Summer- Shorts and a somewhat-tight shirt. Winter- Tight jeans with winter boots and a regular jacket.*

What would be your first impression/thought about that girl?...Without knowing her and talking to her. Slutty? Spoiled brat? Think nothing about her?


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What Guys Said 1

  • It's actually pretty common in my city to see girls wearing that type of outfit and makeup, so nothing standing out of the ordinary to me. I'd just hope that she didn't put so much makeup that when she was at home, she'd look completely unrecognizable.


What Girls Said 1

  • As long as the eyeliner and eyeshadow aren't very heavy or bright, I would probably just think she is a normal looking girl for her age. Unless she was super beautiful, super unattractive, super tall, super short, super skinny, super fat or any extreme I probably wouldn't look at her twice.