How can I make my hair thicker and longer full of volume?

im 20 years old and my hair has been thinning out with damaged ends...i want silky, thick, volumized hair like those models from victorias secret, I used to have hair like that when I was a teenager it was long and heavy, but because of stress and poor diet its been falling out...

any suggestions or remedies that can help regrow my hair?

ive tried coconut almond oil, and vitamins for hair skin nails...its not working...


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  • Well the obvious answer is to try to de-stress and eat better. In fact a better diet is your best bet since hair starts from the inside (that sounds weird). In the meantime keep your hair trimmed because if you just leave it with split ends it will end up looking worse and thin even more from breakage. Deep condition (this can also make your hair appear thicker) and you can always try some extensions to add thickness and length. It's not going to happen over night (well unless you get extensions) so be patient and take care of yourself so you'll have radiant skin to go with that gorgeous hair.


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  • Talk to a professional stylist. They will be able to recommend products that will heal your hair and thicken it, like Joico's volumizing line. It's excellent, and actually replaces molecules in your hair with new keratin for strength and health. They can also recommend different vitamins and foods that can help your hair. That's your best bet.

  • best way to get thicker and longer hair: cut off the ends. to get longer and thicker hair you need to begin with it. plenty of water, lean protein, nuts, and biotin tablets will help. also a multi-vitamin will do wonders. I take fish oil tablets because it makes my hair shiny and silky. you can find these items at a walmart or any vitamin & health store.

  • biotin pills

    • What are those and how do they help?

    • It's a vitamin, b, I think and it improves the quality of your hair skin & nails