Undies question?

ok so I love the vintage look with old lingerie so cute and I think its sexy more so than now a days. do guys agree? girls your opinions? (you know like the pin up look) would you like to see a girl in that style the "first" time you know?


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  • Wow, this is a fairly cool topic. I can't believe I'm the first to answer. Wtf people? lol, anyway, kudos to ya for having a different taste from the norm. I would have to side with you. I think all the best stuff has been done before in most things anyway, and lingerie is included. Very very sexy to me. I wouldn't mind seeing that kinda style at all. I will admit that it would take me by surprise just for the fact that it is a old style and not the norm, but don't take that as dislike. So just be prepared. And make sure the guy is the type that will appreciate such a kick ass style. In a world where nothing is off limits, a little mystery, teasing, and a girl with vintage taste is very very refreshing! It doesn't hurt M.Monroe helped make the style so appealing either lol. Again kudos...

    • Haha I know I thought more people would answer lol. thanks again!

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    • Haha uhhhh...yeah I don't want ACTUAL vintage underware. lol, That's just wrong. Could you imagine getting used underware from the 50s or60s? LMAO, that's not right at all.....I just ment someone who does the style from that era. haha your funny. Thanks for the laugh tho, and the ideas of where to go.

    • Haha no problem! I had a good laugh too! yeah I couldn't imagine... vintage pieces always smell weird gross! and undies haha don't go there! haha sorry I couldn't resist ..yeah but I think you shouldn't have a problem finding the style now adays it seems to be coming back! good luck!

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  • Personally I prefer normal bikini shaped undies or boy leg.


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  • I happen to think that vintage 50's pinup style women were WAAYYY sexier than today's stupid slutty pornstars.

  • Why haven't more people answered this! Haha, I think the vintage look is really cute, Its a lot nicer than most of these new high-street designs that are pretty slutty. My boyfriend (Ex) seemed to like this look too! :)

    • Haha thank you! I thought this would have been a pretty cool topic too lol! oh well :(

    • No problem! Haha, I thought it was =)