Are you done growing in height if your body is pretty muscular?

I work out about 4 days a week and I'm pretty muscular, but not body builder status. My dad never weight trained in high school and was a soccer player so he was skinnier than I am now. He said that he was slow in growing tall and had his last spurt in college. I'm concerned with how tall I will be. I'm about 5'9 and my dads around 6'0 but I feel like my body is filled out with muscle already. This makes me question whether how muscular you are as a teen can affect your growth. Like if I grow taller will muscles just spread out? Or because I'm muscular does that mean I'm done growing in height?


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  • Sorry man but your 5'9 and wishing you were taller? Trying being a 5'5 22 year old. I started working out around when I was 18 myself and I grew 1 inch while working out not saying that's what made me grow but I've never read any article or anything that proved any kind of muscle training stunts your growth. Pretty sure you got time to grow.


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  • Some say that overhead weight training compacts the spine.

    And no, just having muscle doesn't stunt your growth.

  • No and no. Under 18? You are still probably growing. My old man was still growing taller into his early 20's...