Guys, why do you wear 2 earrings?

I'm curious what makes guys wear earring or earrings? Are you trying to be like us women?



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  • What the last women said.

    I don't think earrings are a femine thing : ).

    People just do what they want, and there's different types.

    You got drug users and all the stuff, things just grow into society and things are as they are and more poeple follow them and stuff : ).

    I don't think you can really say anything about it unless you could ask the first guy who started this.

    It probably came from the bling bling from the rappers and people wanted to be like them or so big stunt or so : ).

    It' s just a suggestion, I got no idea.

    I guess it's probably just ot be flashy, wanting some attention, just like some people wear many rings: ).

    • I cannot speak for other people, if I wear jewelry (which is little) it's not in my mind to get attention from anyone, I wear bec I like it or for fashion/trend. It's always in my mind though, men/guys who wear earing (s) strike me as daring people and like to live life "risky" --- needless to say nothing wrong with that. I,too, like to "grab life by its horns."


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  • Last I knew if you wore an earring in your right ear you were straight (and wanted a pierced ear), and in the left if you were gay, and both if you swung both ways, or something like that. I don't wear earrings, have no use for them and they don't suit my personality at all.

    • sounds like you are confidence enough about your look and the inner beauty... very rare

    • LOL Well, if they can't take me as they see me, what are they worth my time for? Take me as I am, that's all I ask and that's all I can give. It's kind of like watches, I guess... I could potentially wear one, but what's the purpose when my phone and iPod fulfill the same function? Plus it would get dirty at work and I'd have to replace the battery... Just more trouble in the long run.

  • Who says they're just for women? Anyway, I don't wear them at the minute 'cos my blood sugars have to be stable before I can get my ears pierced, blah blah blah. But, I'd wear them because I think they look amazing. I'd wear like, full on hoop earrings, or dangling shapes or strings of jewels. I think ones like that are amazing; beckoning old Egypt or the Andeans, and they're just instantly glamourous, and I love it.

    But, for other guys... I dunno. A lot of guys wear stud earrings 'cos I guess its a tradition - where I'm from, the really f***ing hard-ass guys - and I don't mean poseurs, I mean like, high up in paramilitaries, two german shepherds, tanked out, drinks molotov cocktails type sh*t - wear lots of jewellery. I don't know why, but it seems the trend; sovereign rings and stuff. Really rich guys do too, lots of gold rings and bracelets and fancy watches.

    So its either style or status.

    • Oh yeah that's another one - its common for alternative kids to get them. That gives birth to gauges and things, too. That's a mix of style and status

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    • Bit of a generalisation, though, no?

    • you can state that... I'm opionated person and like to generalize most of the time- in the good way.

  • Earrings on men have been a style thing thousands of years back dating back to Africa and countries like Egypt.

    From the 1600s to the 1800s, Pirates were known to wear earrings. All this as most men had long hair as well.

    People need to read more history.

    • yes, I know I'm ignorant beside I wasn't born in 1600s or 1800s. History has never been my fav subject... TY for responding. 'Good day.

  • In my earring wearing days I only wore one.

    But then I fell in love with a girl and she asked me to stop wearing them.

    The hole has since closed up and it's a thing of the past.

    • assuming you're still with a same girl and still in love... wow, I hope there are more men out there doing things their "girls" request them not to do. Have had you ever regret not wearing any?

    • I liked it but it's so MINOR that I can take it or leave it. It doesn't mean that much to me.

  • I don't wear earrings but I have nothing against any guy that wants to. Why do women always want to have jobs, drink, be loud and obnoxious and have casual sex? Are they trying to be like us guys?

    • we work because we have bills to pay and feed you guys: I cannot speak for those who drink, I don't drink so I guess we drink probably to numb the pain you guys cause us (?). I don't know what kind of women you've met that is loud and obnoxious and have causual sex. If there is one, good for them. :D

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    • Riiiiiiiight over her head

    • go for it!

      @ Elijah... :D

  • Why would we wanna be like you?

    I wear them because I'm different.(and damn proud to be)

    And I enjoy being talked to by random people always asking " do those hurt?, whyd you do that." T

    • so you like attention and enjoy being approached "by random people" about your earrings...

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    • ok, hope some of those "random people" have become your friends :)

    • Nope. Haha. Its just the usual random question and a goodbye. I'm picky about who my friends are

  • I think they are just trying to be differnt. some anyways,but I wouldn't think of doing it.

    • t.y. for your comment. Don't we all trying to be different? I know I am- trying to be me. :D

  • I don't wear earings, I don't think most guys do. I would not be caught dead in earings.

    • what's your opion on guys wearing earring(s)?... I just get used to one not long ago, but two!

    • It's not my thing, but If a guy wants to do it wahtever floats his boat.

  • I use to be a pretty boy, got the looks so I never had complaints from women.

    • what happened to "the pretty boy"?

    • well I don't want that image anymore, I'm 31 now so I dress different , still considered a pretty because of my curly fro, but don't wanna a have that label because of the way I present myself.

    • if you're comforable of who you are of the way you present yourself... then let it be, whose to say othewise?

  • Piercings?

    • what about piercings? I thought we talk about earrings here...

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  • i really don't see why holes in ears are a feminine trait...

  • I think it's hot. It's gotten more popular now than it used to be when men just would pierce one ear if they were gay, I forgot which ear it was though. I think left not sure.

    • Read FlightAuora's answer: Rt = straight

      Lf:= gay

      Both= swing both ways

    • I see, well. It's not that way anymore otherwise there would be a lot of bi men in this world!

  • Whats wrong with guys wearing earrings, I don't necessarily see it as something feminine.. nor does it look like they're trying to "be like us women"..

    I have no problem with guys wearing studs, gauges, or whatever - I like them.

    • I didn't say something wrong with them, I'm asking because I'm curiousand like to know why they do what they do. I believe everyone has a right to his own opionion, has vary and different sense of style, that's why we're unique and special.