What do you guys want out of television today?

What do you guys want out of television today? do you guys have any good ideas for a [good] series? What more do you guys want? What would you like to see? twist and turns? what would make a good plot or conflict? in what genre? any ideas? answer the best you can and be detailed (:


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  • I don't know but I am a huuuuggggeeee fan of lost. As long as such TV series comes out I think I would watch. lol. I know I am not very detailed but I don't think too much about TV sorry.

  • I want more Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. House is pretty cool too. There should also be more motocross on national TV. It's so under-appreciated as a sport. There was a study done that showed motocross as being the second most physically demanding sport in the world, behind soccer. A lot of people think it's just riding around, but they hooked Ricky Carmichael (google him) up to a little heart monitor and had him ride a moto (40 minutes plus 2 laps) and his heart rate was right at redline shortly after the start and he kept it there for the whole 45-50 minutes. Let's see Kobe or LeBron do that. And these guys do it TWICE every Sunday in the summer in the heat of the day. Only the best conditioned athletes finish good in both motos.


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