Why do girls dress and act like sluts, then get offended when they get mistaken for one?

I don't understand this at all. I went to this Halloween bash last night and the girls were dress pretty slutty(what else is new) but there was this one chick dressed like the victoria secret angels that had been grinding on me all night and then when I was trying to see if she was dtf she was al like " I'm not that type of girl" and yada yada yada. I was kinda pissed that she wasted my time like that.


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  • A tease usually talks the talk, and yes girls who dress like that are insecure attention whores, looking sexy is one thing but grinding up on a guy is another, I wouldn't ever lead a guy on like that


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  • just because a girl is dressed like what you deem as a slut doesn't mean she automatically wants to have sex at any time with any guy. that also doesn't mean she wants to have sex with a man no matter what. sluts still have to turn guys down, they literally can't f*** EVERY guy who tries them. slutty acting girls can get turned on and turned off just like anyone else, they aren't automatically DTF with any and every guy whenever he wants it. if she's not feeling it she won't be down

  • Girls like to look sexy for the guys & honestly just for themselves. There's nothing wrong with going out to a party looking like that. I can understand where that girl is coming from. It's more of an image thing. You want to look like the hottest thing in the world, but that doesn't mean you're dtf. Some girls are always the type to be dtf. It's kind of hit or miss I guess. I definitely like to wear things like that when I go out & I am not at all dtf. Everyone is different, & if you call someone a slut who really isn't one, of course they will react like that. She didn't waste your time. She was just trying to have a good time & her version of a good time is different than yours. :p

    • slutty and sexy are two different things, you can be beautiful without showing your breast, I wear 38DD and I honestly don't feel the need to wear super tight shirts, yes my stomach is flat but I already know that I can rock a t shirt and have guys still look at my breast or any other part of my body, and I get compliments and I don't wear makeup or dress up, and I get asked out by hot guys

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  • hahahahaha, its called being a tease. Its been around for awhile. You have a lot to look forward to in life my friend.

    • lol. well how do you read out the teasers from the dtf girls. especially in situations like that

    • It depends. The teasers are usually attention hogs. If a girl likes you, she will be paying you and only you attention. At least for the most part.

  • try dressing like a cop and just walking around all night with the whole get up and someone coming up to you and says I need help this man robbed me and just be like hey whoo there I might dress like a cop but I'm not a cop!