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New hair style: Shaved on one side, Long hair on the other side?

(Can't post polls yet :( ) What's everyone's opinion of the new hairstyle where girls shave one side of their head and leave the other side with... Show More


Here's an example. replace ***** with people. I can't have links until I'm xper level 4

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  • Hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it!

    • Thanks for BA! :)

    • ;)

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  • this hairstyle is pretty oldit looks edgy and cute on the right girl like cassie can pull it off but 95% of people cannoti prefer a slight moderation where only a section of the hair is shaved, not the entire side, and that section can't be shaved BALD, just close cropped like this: link link link basically I love it on OTHER PPL but I would never do that to my hair

  • C.It depends on your hair type and the shape of your face.

  • B !

  • it was cool in the beginning,but it quickly became one of those things everybody does and thinks makes them special. so at first I loved it,then I was indifferent and now I hate it.

  • I saw a pic of a girl like that and I thought SHE looked cute but I really don't like it, I would NEVER do that to my hairlol

  • I need an example. Sometimes It can look good but most of the time it looks way wrong.

    • I think her hair looks stupid. It would look better if the short side was at least a quarter of an inch and the longer part was shorter and more curly.


  • B: hate it

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