Ever found yourself attracted to someone who who wasn't that attractive?

or who didn't fit any of your physical preferences and was maybe the complete opposite of some of them? simply because of who they were as a person? did this surprise you?


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  • Yeah, my ex boyfriend. I met him through mutual friends and found we had a really good connection and were good friends instantly. I wasn't even physically attracted to him at all. The more I got to know him, the more I found myself attracted to him and wanting to be with him despite the fact that I would never go for him based on his physical appearance. We dated for a long time. It did surprise me, because it was the first time I'd ever been attracted to someone solely based on their personality.

    • I'm finding myself realllllly attracted to a friend of mine just based on his personality too! he is physically attractive an all but just not my type really ..so weird though cause I could totally see myself happy with him in the long run :) it's a good feeling.

    • Honestly, just roll with it. It's better to be with a moderately attractive guy who's not a jerk than a hot a**hole.

    • :) yeahhh he's super great! thanks!


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  • Of course I have. And it didn't surprise me at all. I value beauty but it's not everything.

    My ex girlfriend was not at all close to what I wolul say my ideal was if I had to describe it. Yet I consider her the most beautiful woman I've - not even met - but seen. And the part of her that I loved the most, as far as physicality goes, was her smile. Something I never payed any attention to at all. Yet hers was so enchanting and gorgeous I could stare at her smiling for hours.

  • Yup, currently interested in someone 6ft. I am 5'9 and never really dated about 5'6. She is just an awesome person.


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  • That's pretty normal. A great personality is always attractive. And sometimes, after finding out how awesome they are on the inside, you start to become physically attracted as well. At least, in my experience! :)

  • Honestly I don't have an official preference muscles are great but lean or lanky is fine too, so I'm attracted to all kinds of guys by looks guess I'm just weird

    • me too. I get a little thrown off when certain guys find me attractive though lol I know it's judgmental to assume what their preferences are but sometimes I can't help but think that it must be my personality that attracted him because I just didn't think I was his type.

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    • I'll second that lol