Have you looked up girls on MySpace if you had a girlfriend?

I just came home and my Boyfriend was looking up single hot girls on myspace and checking out a their pics in bikinis. He even typed in our zipcode- so they are close by. I am 32 and he was looking at 21-30. Guys- is this normal? I am soo upset, I can't believe someone would do this or why


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  • ...quite simply...he's an ASS

    watch out girl...he may be planning a rendezvous...you should just confront him flat out.

    Just ask him what you're not doing to satisfy his urges. Make him tell you. If he can't, punch him in the face...he might remember.


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  • No it's not normal. I hope that you let him know that you saw what he was doing. Sure we all like a smile from a pretty girl or a wink but to be going out of our way to find this does not sound right to me.

    I do not do it but then again I look at porn. Does that make me a hypocrite? I figure that I will never meet the porno girls & don't think that I would want to.

    Put the wood to him tell him that you don't like it & ask him why in our zip code?

  • hes probably not satisified with urs and his sex life, so he's looking at "clothed porn" to "get help"... plus guys do tend to look at younger women, from time to time, because of that whole "young" look

  • He, like the vast majority of guys will look at porn on a regular basis. You shouldn't be offended by him checking out clothed women.


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  • i am not a guy I am a women and I just wanted to let you know that I understand were you are coming from and its awful when it happens and its wrong of him to do that when he has you its disrespectful to you and to your relationship and to him self he has no respect at all what has he said to you about it after he did that ?