Quite a few exceptional tall guys have fancied me?

Over the years that I've been dating, I've found that quite a few exceptional tall guys (over 6ft) have fancied me. I'm not exactly a midget - 5 ft 5 approximately. and most girls are about my height anyway, so what's this all about?


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  • Over 6' is not exceptionally tall. Its slightly tall.

    Are you finding that 'only' exeptionally tall guys like you, or you under some sort of delusion where tall guys would only approach extremely tall women?

    The spread in heights between men and women is, on average, 5" (not in a relationship, in the overall population). So if everyone dated exclusively based on height, you'd expect 5'10 guys (only) to be after you.

    • no, I'm talking 6 ft 4, 6 ft 5. and not all guys who've gone after me have been super tall, I've just noticed there's been quite a few - I'm not delusional

    • I don't think 6'4 and 6'5 is exceptional. I work in a company of 20 employees, for a while, at 6'3 I was the 'median' height male. My coworkers included guys who were 7', 6'7 and 6'5. 7' is exceptionally tall, 6'7 is very tall. 6'4 and 6'5 guys are not that uncommon.


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  • Your obviously just attractive, so don't think its something to do with tall guys, your being approached, because your talents are loud, a compliment to the way you address yourself, good luck,x

  • Uh, you're a girl and guys like you? What kind of question are you even asking?

    • i was just wondering if there was some correlation i.e. I seem particularly approachable - this isn't supposed to a hard question!

    • The correlation is that men are attracted to women and you are a woman. Also most guys are taller than most girls. Is this real?

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  • Tall guys like petite girls. You gals look so frail and dainty that they want to protect you. It leaves the taller athletic-looking gals like me cooling our heels on a Friday night unless we're not shy about dancing on our own for a bit.

    • I don't agree with this.. I'm over 6ft tall and I prefer girls who got some meat on their bones over frail ones!

    • she just meant they look dainty and fragile compared to YOU, not that the girls are really skinny

    • Kaeden: When I go out, I'm the tall scrawny girl with the one definitive Mediterranean curve. Swag I've got, but the dance partners always migrate to the shorties in the 5-inch heels.

  • that you're just around tall guys. lol I mean what answer are you looking for?

    • I would agree with you, except hardly any of the guys at my college are giants, like the ones I've met