What is your opinion, of why a girl changes her hair style?

I really like a girls hair to be straight and natural looking. When it comes to girls curling their hair, or changing color, or anything else besides natural looking straight, then I kind of can't see their natural beauty. But what is your opinion?


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  • Maybe because they over do it or it doesn't good on them?

    I like to change my hair style every now and then. My hair is naturally dark brown and wavy but I dye it golden brown because it looks better on me. I also like to do curls at times. I just love it. It looks so good in summer at the beach :) I like it straight at times as well.

    I don't like to do crazy things with my hair but I think it suits other people. I can't go purple, orange and the like ha ha but I think cun7n1nja's (the famous user here) hair looks awesome!

    I think what's best is to carry a style that compliments you and make you look good. What suits me could be not suitable to another girl and vice versa.

    So, yeah I like to change hair styles but within limits so I still feel it looks natural :)


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  • I can tell you why I do it. It's not insecurity, it's not for attention, it's boredom. My personality is quirky and weird, I'm a colorful person, and I don't feel myself when my exterior doesn't reflect that. I get bored when I look the same for too long, and changing my appearance makes me feel good about myself. Brown/blonde hair might be natural for me because it's what I was born with, but it's not ME because it doesn't reflect who I've grown into as a person.

    • Also, my hair curls on its own, that IS what's natural for me. And I prefer it, so I don't bother further damaging my hair by straightening it.

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    • Yes, ma'am, you certainly are :) and very sweet as well :)

    • Hahaha nah, no slamming from me. Besides, you weren't rude about it or anything. I can see how your wording might upset someone, but I see what you're getting at, so I'm not bothered. =]

  • My hair isn't naturally straight. Therefore, to you I'm not naturally beautiful. So, I spend hours frying my hair to cater to affinities like yours.

    Despite the fact that I adhere to your warped sense of "natural" beauty, I think its just that: warped. And its also harmful to others. But I'm sure that doesn't phase anyone or change anyone's opinions.

  • Beauty is natural to me only if you don't do too much to change your appearance.

    If someone is changing their hair color or the texture then that's okay,

    they can still have that natural look (where you can tell they don't really need to do

    much to look beautiful.)

    Now if they change their hair color, paint on a heavy load of make up, wear hair extensions, etc. etc. then I can see how that won't be considered natural beauty.

  • because we like variety and change. I like glamour, I like getting my hair done and looking good with new styles and experimenting.

  • When I change my hair, there's usually not a huge reason, sometimes it's because I'm bored or I think I'd look good with a certain hair style. I cut my hair a different way or dye it another color usually around once a month. Sometimes though it's because I need to feel in control of something. Cutting hair can make a big change in appearance and if it's me cutting it and making that decision, then I feel like I'm making something happen the way I want it to.

    • The having control bit is a good point, that's one of my reasons too, now that I think about it.

    • I know right? When I had super long hair I'd get stressed out or angry so I'd go cut parts of it off and dye other parts. I cut it all off so maybe I'd find a more constructive outlet :)

  • I like some change. I love to change color because I have slow growing hair. Plus going to get my hair done is relaxing to me. I feel relaxed, confident, and beautiful after getting a new color or style.

  • when I go through new things, I change my hair lol. like when I go through a breakup, new hair style.

  • How are you ever going to know whether a girl's curly brown hair is natural or not if you didn't see her curl or color it? Hair comes in such a wide variety of colors and textures naturally that I don't understand how you can make a judgment call (barring, of course, obvious highlights and dye jobs).

    As far as why girls change their hairstyle? For about the same reason you'd change your own hairstyle or the way you shave or don't shave your facial hair.


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