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Why won't my boyfriend tell me I'm beautiful or pretty? He only says sexy?

I was dating this guy quite a while and then we just recently became official. He only compliments me by saying looking good or your so sexy. The... Show More

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  • Eh, guys may have the same vocabulary that girls do, both being humans, but in a single day I read in a magazine that a woman will use up to 1/3 as many (different) words than a man will.I wouldn't worry about it. If it makes you feel any better, my father never used the exact words, "I love you" until I turned 26...

    • *typo... 'as many *more* (different) words'...

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  • 'Sexy' is the best in guy's minds. We may learn that you don't feel that way, but most of us would rather be 'sexy' then 'handsome'.

  • I think you're reading too much into his words (or lack thereof). Maybe to you sexy means butterface, but to him it means the same thing as beautiful.

  • Could be acting cocky but how close has the intimacy become?

    • we've slept together multiple times.. haha. he usually calls me sexy in bed or after. and he usually says looking good when we go out together

    • Well at least he says good looking. But test him a bit. If you've been dating awhile say you should write lists for each other on why you love each other. And say them aloud to each other. It makes you find out if you see each other as people and not objects and if the relationship is with continuing.

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