Acrylic or gel nails?

Going to be a few questions in here...

Are they a good idea if your nails keep constantly splitting/breaking?

Which look better (more natural)?

Which last longer?

Which damage the nail least?



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  • I graduate from a nail esthetics school and currently work at a nail salon.

    They are good for splitting and breaking nails because it allows your natural nails to grow for a period of time without breaking or splitting. This continuous growth allows your nails to adjust to the environment so it will continue to grow back without splitting or breaking. If you do notice that they are continuing to split or break, it may be due to your diet, it is recommended to take calcium pills.

    Gel nails are the way to go if you want a more natural looking look.

    Again gel nails last longer than acrylics.

    And again, gel nails cause the least amount of damage, because it is not powder based.

    Good luck :)

    • Is there anyway to keep the cost down on maintenance of gel nails?

    • Depends how hard you are with your nails. If you are careful with them, they will last longer. If you are hard on your hands, it is most likely you're going to break a nail and it costs about $10/nail (at my salon) to get it fixed. Also it depends on how fast your nails grow. If your nails grow fast, you will have to go for fill-ins more often. Lastly, it depends on when you want to go in for your fill-ins. I know that some clients come every 2-2.5 weeks. You could try going after 3 weeks.

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  • No fancy stuff needed. I like you just the way you are. : )


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  • I use to have the same problem as you - before my nails would grow pretty long but always split/cracked.. I've been getting my nails professionally done for the longest time (Solar gel, not acrylic) and love them. It does get quite expensive though since you may have to get them filled or re-done about every month.

    I get the french tips and their relatively short, so it looks pretty natural. I actually get complimented on them by guys on how natural they look. (though depends what you get). I've been getting them done consecutively since December and my nails underneath are fine, I would suggest taking them off once in awhile though letting your nails breath.

    • The only thing that really worries me is the price and the damage to the natural nail. Do you think it's worth it?

    • Personally, I think It is. It's been so much easier not having to paint my nails every week, or them cracking/splitting.. which is painful.

      Do a trial run.. get them done and see how you like them, if you don't you can always get them taken off. (:

  • Get Solar nails, a better type of acrylic. I've been wearing them since I was sixteen. They're simply amazing.

    • How is the health of your real nails if you don't mind me asking?

    • Surprisingly good. They're pretty much the same as before the nails, they just never break.

  • -Gel




    They're more expensive, but I don't really care. I'd rather pay more for my nails then get Acrylic any day.

  • I only had acrylic. Gel probably looks more natural but is a lot more expensive, and acrylic can look fairly natural, some places do a better job than others so it really depends.

    While the stuff is on your nail they will stay strong, but it weakens the nail underneath it.

    I think they both last about the same. 2-3 weeks between fills or so, after 2 they start to look bad though.

    I think gel is less damaging but more expensive.

    When I got my acrylics off my nails were weak for months. They all damage the nail underneath but not permanently, once your new nail that has not been done with acrylic or gel grows in, it will be back to normal.

    My main reason for getting them off was money, I kinda liked them.

  • gel lasts longer but it's more expensive and harder to remove