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Is dyed red hair still 'in/attractive'?

Is dyed red hair attractive or will I be avoided like the plague? Yes, I know - all guys have their own perceptions of beauty, but in general.. is... Show More

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  • It could be attractive with the right clothes, and makeup. Try different combinations, look at yourself in the mirror, ask your friends for their opinions, and choose what looks best with red hair. I think that any girl can look beautiful with the right combination of hairstyle and color, clothing, and makeup.

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  • I don't really think fake red looks good. Then again, some people just have faces made for red hair.

  • I think having dyed red hair is still nice. My hair got dyed red for a hair show about 4 years ago and that was a VIBRANT red, it did not look natural at all but I loved it and got a lot of compliments on it. But be ready to deal with the up keep of red hair, it fades faster then the rest and it takes a lot more work when you want to go back to another color... But some guys may stay away, I know some thought I was... not very nice until they got to know me.

  • Most dyed redheads look fake.

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