Do you think makeup looks better on light skin than dark skin?

Do you think makeup looks better or more natural on girls with fair to medium skin than tan to deep skin colors?

The reason I asked is because I showed my friend a picture of a girl with light skin and a picture of a girl with dark skin and she said that the dark skinned girl was wearing too much makeup when actually the fair girl was wearing more. The results were similar for several other people I showed. The makeup for both girls were applied well and the products were similar for both girls (pinks and neutrals).

I don't mean this topic to be offensive for anyone in anyway. I actually think minimal makeup looks good on all skin colors and too much makeup looks bad on all skin colors. I'm just curious about what other people's thoughts are.


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  • I used to work in cosmetics and all I can really say is that all skin types are different. It also really depends on the texture of the skin.

    Certain colors look better on certain skin types; from experience, lighter pinks (often having white mixed into the pigment) don't always look good on very dark skin in the same way a rich pink wouldn't look very good on light skin simply because its far from looking "natural" even though the colors are considered natural looking and neutral.

    The reality is, the make up industry was initially made for rich white women which it can be hard to find foundations in tan and dark skins in some brands who haven't made the transition. For different skins, different sets of "neutrals" look better :)

    For dark skin, the neutrals that look the best are the ones with the richest of colors :D

    link this is my favorite pallet, there is something for everyone and then some extra. The colors that work best and still look very natural on most skin types is: sidecar, half baked, shog, toasted, and hustle

    On very light skin, I wouldn't recommend more than a tap of a color like Darkhorse or buck just because its just too harsh for them. On very dark skin, I wouldn't recommend more than a dab of virgin, sin, or gunmetal (gunmetal isn't the best silver powder for many people, really lol. I don't like it too much). Virgin and sin are very light and washed with white pigment, too much of it can look ashy, but if you use it as a high light on top of say half baked it looks great! :)


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  • Well, of course darker skin usually has fewer blemishes, for one thing, and what blemishes there are are less visible, so you don't need as much makeup and using a lot of it would be too obvious.

    But women wth darker skin still have a cabinet full of it!


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  • I haven't really noticed that. I'd say makeup is less natural-looking on light-haired people versus dark-haired people, only because the dark mascara used covers up the natural color of their lashes, but I don't think skin color plays a part in how natural or good makeup looks. Not that I've noticed anyway.

    However, if you use pinks and neutrals on darker-skinned people, I'd imagine that of course it'd be more obvious. Applying makeup to look natural means taking into account skin color and going for the light-dark brown and gold colors rather than peach and pink.

  • it's about how you apply the makeup and what type of makeup you use. some companies do not make very good shades for dark skin girls because it does not match our undertone exactly and give it that bare skin look. the problem is probably that the dark skinned girl was using makeup too similar to the light skinned girl. for me, neutrals look natural if they have sort of a bronze-ish base to it. pinker shades don't look natural on me

  • It depends on the technique and skill someone has when applying. If they don't know how to apply makeup it will look bad, regardless of their skin tone.

    In my honest opinion I think makeup looks best on medium to dark skinned girls because they need less. Fair skin tends to have lots of flaws like undereye circles, lots of pink pigment in the skin and ages faster than people with darker skin tones (this is due to the melanin content in the skin. The more you have, the longer your skin has elasticity). So even though colors show up more on lighter skin, the over all affect of make up looks better on dark skin.