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Is this revealing dress sexy or slutty?

I recently bought a cleavage-baring dress for new years eve. When I was in the store I felt very good about the dress... but now I think the dress... Show More

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  • The dress is a sexy, yet not too dressy-looking, dress for going out for a night on the town.

    The length doesn't seem short AT ALL. So it must be the cleavage that you're worried about being "slutty".

    I think the cleavage is fine. In the most non-creepy way possible, you have a large bust for your frame, or you wear a push-up bra and there's, um, plenty to look at.

    Regardless, the dress is a balance of "sexy" and "non-slutty". If the dress was a mini-skirt length, then it could be considered slutty.

    Don't worry so much. It looks good on you...or you look good inside of it. However you want to take the compliment.

    Have fun, wherever you're wearing it, ok? :)

    • thanks!

What Guys Said 12

  • I don't know how to describe how a sexy dress looks like, and how a slutty dress looks like, but the dress in the pictures looks sexy. It does not make you look like you are "Trying" to reveal a lot of yourself because it does not look like it is pushing your breasts together, or up (which is what most women try to do when they want attention to their breasts). So, I think you should wear it, and see how others will react when they see it. Have a good party.

  • Cleavage doesn't automatically mean slutty... Looks fine, it's a nice dress.

  • I don't think it's slutty at all.If you're nervous about cleavage, wear a necklace which will detract from the cleavage.

  • Just looks like a pretty ordinary little black dress to me - not particularly slutty or sexy.

    • What kind of dress do you consider sexy ?

    • Something shorter and more figure-hugging - it doesn't even need to show that much cleavage.


  • That's straight class!

  • Absolutely hot and sexy! Just wow.

    Oh, and the dress is really sexy too!

    • Thank you :) Do I look approachable?

    • Approachable? I'd rather say unreachable... lol

  • While I'm disinclined to consider anything 'slutty' and have a bit of a distaste for the whole idea, I tried to look at the dress with a discriminating mind, y'know, see if it might be considered slutty. Anyway, naawwww. Not at ALL. 'Sluttyness' in regards to dresses is usually measured by the length of the skirt than the depth of the cleavage, anyway, as far as I've noticed. Anyway, nah, it doesn't. You're *flying*. Anyway, New Years Eve tends to be a bit above and beyond anyway, no? You could get away with more than usual.

  • thats not slutty at all in my books. It's sexy and classy, and looks good on you. Your really pretty by the way


    • So you wouldn't think SLUT!

    • No. not at it looks pretty classy. Do you like black guys by any chance? :D

  • It made me go 'whoa' and I'm not even a breast guy.

    Not quite slutty. Go with it, have fun.

  • The dress is definitely hot. And it's got a classy look. It's perfect for New Years, but pushing it for an office Christmas party, if you get what I mean.

    What's your bra size, by the way? Very nice cleavage in that first picture! I'd definitely want to start up a conversation.

    • Do you mean you would start to talk to me in real life or here?

      btw my bra size is 75C

    • I'm saying if I saw you in that dress at a NYE party, I'd definitely want to start a conversation. It shows off your body in a sexy and tasteful way.

    • So are you going to wear it for New Years?

What Girls Said 10

  • I don't think its slutty, its not short at all.

  • It works really well with your body. You will stand out. It is a lot of cleavge showing, but go out and have some fun!

  • Wow good for you hon. I think you need a necklace with that and some killer black high heels but it looks good. You've got the assets so have a blast showing them off on New Years Eve.

  • I'dsay it croses the line, you're looking like you're open for bidding!

  • I love it! I think it is sexy, yet lady like. If it was short as well as open then it would be slutty but it is a perfect balance!

  • i love the dress but yep,there's too much cleavage,and I'm not saying that cause you look ''slutty'',it just doesn't look right aesthetically,it's like your boobs are about to fall out

  • DEFINETLY sexy, ha ha girl you look amazing in it too :)

  • It's sexy, yet classy. It is a lot of cleavage, but it doesn't show too much leg so it balances out. Good for NYE.

  • I love the dress but the amount of cleavage is a bit iffy.

  • Honestly, it's hard to tell from the pics but I would say it's a tad TOO much cleavage - like you're spilling out. Guaranteed not too many of the girls will appreciate it - so expect some evil looks from some of them. Guys that want to sleep with you may appreciate it, if that's what you're after. The top of the dress doesn't look like it fits well. You're almost down to your nips. The bottom half is fine. You're a pretty girl, maybe guys are intimidated by you?

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