Could my weight be the problem for not getting a date?

I'm 5'1 and I'm 110 lbs. I know it's normal but I can't help feeling that I'm a bit chubby. I'm just wondering could that be the problem of I'm not getting a date?


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  • No. Men don't view women's weight the same way as women do. They tend to like curves.

    Besides at 110 lbs I would hardly call you overweight.


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  • That doesn't sound too bad at all! What are your measurements?

    • 32, 26, 33.

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    • 34 B

    • So how is it that if you're a 34B, your bust size is 32? I'll never understand women's clothes! Hahaha!

      Anyway, that sounds like a nice body. I'm sure that isn't the issue.

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  • seriously? No. But your concern over your weight that's not at all overweight could be. I dunno, just be confident and don't go looking for a date. Go looking for a guy who you can be friends with and who you enjoy each others' company. You go from there

  • Honestly no. If a guy wants to date you, he should date you because of who you are, not because your a certain size (weight wise). If a guy only wants you because of how you look, then he's not worth it. And you sound fine to me, your weight is normal. If you want to get into shape to feel better and just feel healthier, do so. Look up workout routines online. Working out is a good stress reliever and it's good for you.