Should I ask for an explanation why he stopped contacting me?

I use to see this guy on occasion for strictly physical purposes. We were in our 20's at that time. Lost contact with each other and I moved out of state. 18 years later he finds me and contacts me thru e-mail. We begin having an e-mailing affair. He saw a headshot of me and continued to keep this hot & heavy e-mailing affair until he asked me to send pictures of myself in more revealing clothes. So I did and he responds back with an e-mail that he like my pics and want to see more. I send an e-mail to him and then he never responds back. Should I ask for an explanation?


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  • Personally, Id be too afraid to push for a reason why he hasn't emailed back...knowing I probably won't like his answer. Id just wait to hear back from him...maybe somethings happened and he hasn't gotten the chance to email you back and its just a matter of bad timing. Then when/if he got back to me Id say whew! thought I scared you off! or something like that... And if you don't hear back from him again, Id just consider that my answer what he's thinking...I wouldn't want to actually hear it.


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  • Would you believe any explanation he gave you?


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  • No act like don't even care. I'm not trying to be rude, but it doesn't sound like this guy cares a whole lot about you, so don't give this guy the ego boost he doesn't deserve by asking for a reason why.